22 April, 2014

Ready Bytes ❤ Joomla Day Brazil 2014

Team Ready Bytes is extremely honoured to contribute in the upcoming Joomla Day event which is going to take place in the most happening city of Sao Paulo situated in Brazil.

We are excited as hell as it has been quite a time since we contributed to our Joomla family. We have started our new financial year with the motive to give, which we will continue in one or the another form throughout the year.

What is a Joomla Day and why you should attend one ?

Joomla Day is a hail and hearty family meetup. To be more specific it’s a Joomla family meetup. It is for the people who know Joomla and also for the the people who want to join in the Joomla community. This meetup will be just like a pool of great knowledge and experience, ready to be shared with anyone interested.

A Joomla Day event allows you an eye opening experience. It exposes you to the ideas of the masses and their understandings, that too in a duration of only few days. It is just like a pot of gold ready to be taken by any enthusiast. The main objectives of these worldwide meetup are to grow individuals as well as Joomla, by-

  • Exchanging personal Joomla experiences.
  • Helping to generate new ideas and development scope, by gaining knowledge from someone’s personal efforts.
  • Disseminate the usability of Joomla CMS.
  • Great place for the entrepreneur aspirants, who are willing to start selling online.
  • You are exposed to the knowledge from around the world.

My friend, I have personally attended a Joomla Day and believe me you will definitely get the feeling of working in as a family. Where the growth of community impacts every dependent person.

Joomla Day is in true words a place to share and get exposure from worldwide and also to share your beer with masters of Joomla☺.

Joomla Days are generally packed of professionals with creative innovations and ideas. It also consists of people who have the power to influence the overall development process in Joomla. It is at such social gatherings that the new seeds of ideas are germinated. So, it is recommended for everyone to attend as well as contribute to the JDays around the world.

The basic idea behind Joomla is, “You are Joomla!” You have the power to change as you are the part of the family.

Joomla Day Brazil 2014 - #JDBR14

Completely based on the above description you can expect of what is to be found over there. Me and my team personally appreciate the efforts of the organizers at Joomla Day Brazil to undertake a very demanding task. It is a very nice effort to boost the Joomla family around the globe.

The J Day meetup event is going to be held on the 2nd & 3rd of May 2014. The twitter handle and the hashtag for Joomla Day Brazil is @joomladaybrasil and #jdbr14 respectively and its official website is http://joomladaybrasil.org/2014.

We are very happy to be able to contribute in the event with such a noble intentions for the Joomla Family☺.

Pack your bags & enjoy the event.

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