New Products Release

Welcome JS Dependent Fields and Profile Visitor, the September 2011 product release! These stunning to present the newest release from our software house with a big presentation for your Joomla! websites. In sequence originating new ideas, Team JoomlaXi give rise up to two new products named as 'JS Dependent Fields' and 'Profile Visitor'. Both the products are unique and furnish attractive functionality.
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JoomlaXi Support System

JoomlaXi created a system implemented with the aim of providing support for an enterprise, product line, or project to increase the quality of the products and for gaining customers faith. Team JoomlaXi always try to find solutions for top issues, error messages or getsupport straight-away from developers. So our Customer get required solution in a shot. In this Blog, We wants to communicate about our Support System and the various ways how you find-out the best effective solutions of product issues.
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Recover Super Admin Status of Joomla 1.5 Administrator

Many time due to some issue or mistakes we lost the super admin status of Joomla administrator. Here we present a "Do It Yourself Guide to Recover The Super Administrator Status"
Below tables are important (jos_ is default prefix of table, you might have some other prefix)
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