We Love Our Customers and They Love Us Back :) - Part 3

Meet PayPlans’ Customer Yoram Schaffer, filmmaker and online film distributer

Shyam Sundar Verma , 08 February, 2016

PayPlans fetches us more love and appreciation from customers than we expect. It is the faith of our customers in our team, that helps us achieve complex milestones with ease. Thank you so much for your continuous support and feedback, it really matters a lot :)

We had published success story from Kowshar Ahmed and Jean-Marc Burri earlier. In continuation to that, we bring you another success story of Yoram Schaffer, filmmaker and online film distributer.

Your full name and a brief introduction

My name is Yoram Schaffer, I'm a filmmaker. Studied film in Paris and made countless documentary films for TV channels, including the National Geographic and TV channels in Israel. Also lecturing on new media and filmmaking, on topics like interactive films, second screen, crowd-funding for artists and digital distribution.

Your organization’s name, website URL, and a brief description

3 years ago I moved to online film distribution, along with my filmmaking career. Under the company DocMovies, my film production firm, we operate a few VOD websites in Hebrew and English: filmdiy.co.il and movie-discovery.com are the main with many other white label websites created mainly for institutions.

What is your mantra for a successful business?

I have no mantra, just trying to do everything the best way I can... I chose artistic life and will have to live with the fact that my films would never appeal to millions but to a few who regard films as a form of art and not only as entertainment.

For how long you have been using PayPlans and what do you like the most about it?

I've been using PayPlans since 2013. The system is basically great but what I like most is the never ending readiness of Readybytes' team to customise the system to our own specific needs.

How do you use PayPlans in your business? or Which business problem did PayPlans solve for you?

PayPlans today stands in the center of my online activity. It helps me not only to manage payments and subscriptions, but most importantly, to calculate the royalties for the films' right-holders. Since we work mainly on revenue share, calculating the royalties for each transaction individually is crucial.

What more do you expect from PayPlans?

Whenever I need something, I simply approach Readybytes' team... In that sense, I'm adapting Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO) phrase to his employees: "just talk to the engineers." So I talk and it's done and we continue to the next customisation/development/upgrade.

So far, how had been your experience with Ready Bytes?

My experience with Readybytes is simply great, in any aspect. No - 'on the the hand' or 'but'.

How do you foresee the future of our relationship?

I'm certain that my online business and Readybytes will continue to grow together. I see it in front of my eyes every day.

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