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Jogendra Singh , 13 January, 2016

Whenever you purchase a product, you want to know more and more about it. Proper Documentation or User Manual help you to do basic troubleshooting at your own. Same is the case when we buy a software or extension. Proper Documentation is equally important as the actual product.

We, the team PayPlans, always share our learning and experience with its users as well. So, if they face any basic issue or any common problem which is faced by another user, they can try the provided solution to fix the problem easily and fast. This reduces the burden of creating support ticket for common issues.

How to access PayPlans Knowledge Base :- When you get any issue related to PayPlans, the first thing you do is, contact us on our support forum :) You can access PayPlans Knowledge Base on the same page of our website. Just select the “PayPlans Knowledge Base” as shown below :-

Payplans Knowledge Base Search

Enter the issue or problem that you are facing. You will get all related results at below. These results includes our knowledge base (KB), already answered forums. So, this will help you to get a faster solution to your problem.

Payplans Knowledge Base Search Result

Thus, when you are stuck in an issue during the off time of our support service, you have this alternative companion to assist you. If you still do not find a solution to your problem on our knowledge base, “Do Not Worry, We are coming online very next morning “ :) And yes, we will add the new solution that worked for you in Knowledge base too :)

Keep Gaining More Knowledge with our KB Docs and Beyond that Enjoy PayPlaning!

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