20 January, 2016

PayPlans 3.4 is Here to Take Away Your Taxation Woes

Simplified Calculation with Easy Configuration

We are pleased to announced that PayPlans 3.4 beta is released with improvements. I hope, you all are also equally excited to know what is new with this release.

Below is the glimpse of the latest improvements:

  • Multiple Taxes in Single Country through Basic Tax App.
  • Itemized Details (Taxes and discounts) on Invoice Confirm Screen.

View change logs for more details »

Multiple Taxes in Single Country

Now admin can apply multiple tax rates in one country. So, subscription plan with different tax rates will be configured through Basic Tax App. With the latest Basic Tax App, if the displayed price parameter on subscribe page is set to Yes in the app instance, then as per users country tax plan price will be shown at the subscribe plan. Earlier this functionality was not available in Basic Tax App.

Itemized Details (Taxes and discounts) on Invoice Screens

Now, all details on the invoice confirm screen are itemized. So user has a better visibility of the amount added and subtracted in the Regular Price of a subscription plan.

  • Invoice Confirm Screen
  • Invoice Thanks Screen

There are some minor changes on the related App too which modifies the Subscription Price. These change are related to invoice screen where these modifiers(taxes and discounts) will be displayed. Earlier we used to club all taxes and discounts under single unit only but from now onwards everything will be itemized. I.e. you will see each Taxes and Discounts applied separately.

There are also some structural changes in following apps : Basic Tax, ProDiscount, EU-Vat, PlanAddon, Gift App, PDF-Invoice, etc.

We won't stop here and will keep improving our solutions for you as we move on. We are always open for new suggestions to improve your beloved membership solution i.e. PayPlans. Keep sending your request via support forum or you can also drop a comment below. Looking forward for your valuable response as always.

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