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Jogendra Singh , 23 December, 2015

Just wondering why your business is getting low in a particular region? OR why a certain marketing campaign did not go well? OR What is the email opening rate? OR user traffic from various sources on your site etc.

The answer to all such questions is "Analytics". As a site admin, one must be using some kind of analytics software or services to analyze the data that is being driven from any campaign or activity or event from user. PayPlans already has few analytic apps for its customers like G-Analyics, Kiss Metrics etc. To meet diverse analytics requirements, we decided to provide more options to PayPlans users. We have included integration of three more analytic software and services in PayPlans, and those are Intercom, Mixpanel, and Woopra.

Using these integrations, admin can track selected events of PayPlans subscription system. Following configuration will be available to user in Plugins: PayPlans Analytics :-

Configuration of Analytic Tools
Configuration of Analytic Tools

These integrations are provided in a single plugin only. So that from a single plugin you can track the user’s subscription activity on three different platforms. These Analytics integrations will allow admin to track subscription creation, upgrade, renewal, invoice status, discount information, payment gateway, email status and other useful information by configuring events and domain to track.

Selection of subscription activity for tacking in payplans
Selection of subscription activity for tacking

Thus, using these new integrations, you will be able to analyze the user‘s subscription activities in PayPlans. This information may prove to be quite helpful while making strategic decisions related to your subscription system. You may take the necessary effective actions based on this analyzed data.

Happy Analyzed PayPlaning!

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