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Swati Goyal , 13 November, 2010

Now Since, JomSocial 2.0 has included Profiletypes Natively. People frequently ask - Can you outline why JSPT 3.0 is more essential over and above this? So, In this Blog Highlighting, Major differences created by using Unique and Advanced functionality with multiple profile types i.e JSPT.
<ol style="text-align: left;"><li>JSPT is <strong>Integrated with AEC</strong> i.e If you want to
    offer paid membership in your JomSocial based community website then
    user's profile type can be automatically forced as per plan

    <li>Control the visibility and requirement of any Profile field.</li>

    <li>The most Important and exciting feature which adds a flavor in JSPT
    is Access Control Rules (Limit Number of friends, Restrict Events,
    Groups, Albums, Videos etc)</li>

    <li>Watermark is textual.</li>
and lot more....<br/><h3 style="text-align: left;">Outlining The Differences JSPT creates with
Some Frequent Queries</h3><strong><br/></strong><span><strong>Is JSPT able
to set different membership 'types' and then allocate features to each
membership type can access?</strong></span><br/><br/>
Yes, This is possible with Access Control Rules . It can help you restrict
user's ability to perform  certain tasks. Like As an admin, you may
wish to provide more features to a paid member and less features to free
members. So in such a case you should write few Access Control Rules
(referred as ACL rules) for Free members and allow them only with few
functionality.<br/><br/><span><strong>Can we make membership of profile a paid subscription
Yes, Integration with JomSocial can help you do so. For eg. JSPT is
Integrated with AEC i.e If you want to offer paid membership in your
JomSocial based community website then user's profile type can be
automatically forced as per plan selected.<br/><br/><strong><span>How Watermarking is better in JSPT?</span></strong><br/><br/>
Watermark is textual and hence more readable, simply looking at the
watermark  makes you know which profile type is assigned to that
user<br/><br/><span><strong>Is there any Invisible Profile Type
The Feature for Invisible Profile Type is also there. By Invisible Profile
Type, the profile type will be published but not visible to user in
front-end. The admin can change profile type of any user to invisible
profile type from back-end.<br/><br/><strong><span>Can we allow only users with certain email
Yes, Restricting E-mail Id is possible through JSPT.<br/><br/><strong><span>Can I control/set privacy on JomSocial applications as per
profile types?</span></strong><br/><br/>
Yes, JSPT supports this. Applications can be viewed according to Owner,
Visitor and Both.<br/><br/><span><strong>Can I set privacy on  JomSocial Custom Fields  as
per profile types?</strong></span><br/><br/>
Yes, JSPT supports control over Profile Fields. Admin can set Allow,
Visible, Editable During Registration, Editable After Registration,
Required feature on each Profile Fields.<br/><br/><strong><span>Is it possible to restrict Number of  Photos/Videos User
can upload or restrict number of messages User can write or send
Yes, this is possible with Access Control Rules .<br/><br/><strong><span>What is New in JSPT 3.0?</span></strong><br/><br/><ol style="text-align: left;"><li>JSPT 3.0 came up with Compatibility, Performance Improvement,
    Screens Refreshed and Completely new User Interface</li>

    <li>Moreover, According to our Coverage statistics we have cleaned 85%
    of our code which is near to attaining a level of least bugs.</li>
A long Journey till date!!<br/><br/>
Since its first release JSPT empowers with its rich functionality on all
the Community based sites. Now, It is currently working on 6000+ Live
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