04 February, 2011

JomSocial Import Export Plugin

JoomlaXi is constantly on the way of offering new and exciting ideas through its products in the development field, so here we are introducing our new robust addon for joomla and Jomsocial, named "JomSocial User Import Export" plugin.
    <strong>JomSocial User Import Export</strong><strong> </strong>is
    a simple and easy to use plugin for Joomla! 1.5 that allows you to
    export or import user details out of  or into your website in CSV
Key Features:
1. Import a CSV file of users from multiple Joomla sites into your site.
2. Quickly export user details in CSV file from your site with just a single click.
3. Allows field mapping for importing field contents.
4. Duplication in user name and email id can't be possible.
5. Satisfying mandatory data in Joomla table will prevent messing up the details of users.
6. Import password in two ways: Plain or Joomla Encrypted password in CSV file.
7. Password will be exported only in encrypted format.
8. Security on the administrator information.
Do you want to know how it works, go on Documentation. As if you find any issue, you can post it on our forum, we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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