JS-Addons will be supported at JoomlaXi.com

Team JoomlaXi will maintain the JomSocial Addons

Hello Friends,

In continuation to previous blog about PayPlans Acquisition by StackIdeas, I want to to update you about the future of JomSocial Addons.

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PayPlans Acquired by StackIdeas

PayPlans development will continue in the safe hands of StackIdeas

Hello Friends,

I’m writing to let you know that our beloved product PayPlans has been acquired by Team StackIdeas.

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PayPlans 3.6.0 Is Released !

Now PayPlans have 169 App’s

PayPlans 3.6.0 is now released with 3 new Payment Gateways for more convenience to your customers.It’s also compatible to Joomla 3.7. Below is the list of newly added payment gateways -

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50+ Payment Gateways with PayPlans Now

Make payment an easy affair for your customers

As promised in PayPlans 3.5.2 release, PayPlans 3.5.3 is now released with 6 new Payment Gateways for more convenience to your customers. Below is the list of newly added payment gateways -

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PayPlans 3.5.2 Is Released

Use it to experience improvements in PayPlans

PayPlans 3.5.2 is released yesterday with some improvements. It includes updates in PayPlans core and Apps. As always, we want to keep improving PayPlans - your favorite Joomla subscription management system, so that it can work better. Here is the highlight of improvements made in this release -

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Exchange Rate IQ - Search and Compare Platform for Global Money Transfer

Smart way to send money across countries

At Ready Bytes, we have a vision of using the latest and the greatest of the technologies to find the solution to everyday problems. Back in December last year,we shared the news about launch of ReadyViews to solve a big problem of eCommerce customers.

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PayPlans - Work in Progress to Make it Work Better for You

PayPlans is all set for its 3.5.1 stable release next week. Stay tuned!

After PayPlans 3.5.0 beta release, we have been working on revamping PayPlans. While providing continuous support to PayPlans customers, we were also planning for the next stable release of PayPlans.

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7 Customer Retention Strategies for Your Online Store

What brings them back to your eCommerce Business

Customer retention is one of the most important factor for a successful eCommerce business. When it comes to marketing, the cost of acquiring new customers is higher than that of retaining the existing customers. If you provide the right products or services as you boast to offer, the customer is more likely to return to you in need. You can further improve their chances to return with lesser efforts and cost than you would have spent in making them your customer.

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Technologies to Craft A Scalable Web Solution

The Building-Blocks of A Robust Architecture

When you plan to create a web solution, you have to choose the right technology to build a solution that is scalable, maintainable and economic. In this blog I am going to share a robust end-to-end technology stack.This works perfectly for most of the web based applications. Though, in specific cases, you may choose different tools and technologies.

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5 Reasons Outsourcing is Good for Your Business

Outsource for a worry-free cost-effective solution

Small or big, organizations often take outsourcing route for their business operations. It proves to be a good business strategy in the times when your business needs a quick expert solution which in not available in-house. Outsourcing also proves to be the best bet when you’re looking for a cost-effective solution.

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