How to write test cases in Javascript?

Writing the test cases in Javascript is not nexus until we find the right way of less code with more concepts.

Is it possible to write test cases in a short time?

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How to Move Your Wordpress Site From One Server ( or localhost) to Another Server?

Simple steps to deploy existing WordPress site
Hey everyone,
  • Do you want to migrate your WordPress site to a server from localhost?
  • Do you want to move your site from one server to another?
If one of your answers is Yes then you are at the right place. This article will surely help you.

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Why PWA is so popular?

What is PWA ( Progressive Web App )?
A progressive web app (PWA) is a website that uses the latest web technologies to make a web application act and feel like an app, or we can say PWA are a hybrid of Web Apps and Mobile Applications. They are the best way for developers to make their web apps load faster and more performance. In a nutshell, PWAs are websites that use recent web standards to allow for installation on a user’s computer or device, and deliver an app-like experience to those users. PWAs are built to take advantage of mobile device features such as push notifications, device camera, geolocations. They are installable, easy to synchronize and most importantly it’s advanced feature is it works offline.
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How to convert your website into a PWA?

Why should you build a PWA?
For many companies, especially those who are building apps , the cost of developing, testing and maintaining applications for several platforms is difficult. A Progressive Web App can cut load times, allow users to navigate offline, increase revenue, can be smaller than mobile App, and much more. Let’s take the example of Whatsapp: when there is no network or no internet connection, we can still open the App, check past messages and even we can reply to someone. When the phone gets internet connection, the messages are automatically sent in the background. This is what PWA promises to provide in the web apps. It enables apps to load when there is no internet connection, sync in the background and provide native-like experience to the users.
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How can the COVID-19 Coronavirus Symptom based Self Assessment Test be helpful for us?

What is COVID-19?
CoronaVirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that spreads from one person to another. The causative virus is called SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2). It is a new exertion of coronavirus that was not previously identified in humans. It was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, affecting other parts of China and soon cases were detected in several other countries.
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Easiest method to Copy SSH Keys of One machine to another machine in Linux

There have been several times where we need to copy the SSH keys.
For example, In my case I want common SSH Keys between my laptop and my office machine. When I tried to google it, the result surprised me by the over complications of methods to copy SSH keys.
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Chrome extension in Vuejs (v.2.x)

how extension can be build effectively using Vuejs.
Hey everyone,
  • Have you searched a lot about build extension using Vue js?
  • Do you want to use your extension inside any other website ?
If one of your answers is Yes then you are at the right place to play bugle in the extension field. This article will surely help you.

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10 Essential things to Start your work from home

With the pandemic coronavirus coming to our lives. We’re making sure that we’re safe and our surroundings as well. One of the important precautions is that we stop our outings and try to stay home as much as possible.
We as a Software developer are blessed with work from home facility. Many offices instruct their employees to continue their work from home. For some, it will be new and they might be thinking about “how am I going to manage it”, “Whether I will be able to do the amount of work from home I am doing in the office”, “How I will connect with the team”.
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Getting started with SaaS subscription system

Build the best and user-friendly subscription system with understanding the pieces of the subscription system
SaaS companies sell their services using the subscription model. Subscriptions became the backbone of the company’s revenue streams. The subscription model is very important and profitable but the implementation of the subscription model is a complex process. So, here we’re trying to explain the pieces of the subscription system which would help you to build a user-friendly subscription system.
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ShopOut Chrome Extension for Amazon

Shop through a alternate dimension of product cost, The time you invest to earn the money.
  • Are you very fond of shopping?
  • Do you spend money blindly when shopping online?
  • Do you frequently purchase such items that are too costly to fit in your budget?

If your answer is positive or toss-up, then ShopOut, a new chrome extension is here to help you.
We are proud to share that the extension have already Shortlisted by Google Editors

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