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Mukesh jangid , 15 November, 2018

Mobile web browsing is the easiest way to access content from the internet for mobile users. But in mobile web browsing, it is not possible to reach customers directly with important information, deals, discounts, updates and more. So the solution is to simply build an android/iOS app of your website and make regular connectivity with users.

How the app is better than simple mobile web browsing?

  • Reach larger audiences and expand your business far & wide

  • The regular encounter can prove to be handy for businesses in improving their visibility through an app

  • Push Notifications help retain users. When used right, apps and their notifications keep customers connected – not annoyed.

  • Your presence should be everywhere if you have a responsive website, you must also have android and ios app for the same.

  • If you have a large number of user base then anyone can target your website and build an app with your name (if not already exist) and they can get benefits by adding Advertisements. So you have to release an official app version of your website.

  • It is also a very cost-effective solution to consider. If you have a fully functional responsive website and you want to have an android or ios app for the same, then why not go first with the cheapest solution by making a lite app that can pack your website into a native android/ios app. If you get a good response then you can plan to make a fully functional customized app in future and replace the existing one.

Recently we have launched an Android / Ios App Builder with the simplest push notification system.

So what you will get in App Builder :

  • User-friendly lite android and ios app for the website
  • More controlled notification enabled app
  • Effective crashlytics enabled app
  • Send notification to the specific user group with the help of our notification management system

What we required to build an android and ios app:

  • A complete responsive website ( It should be https:// for IOS)
  • Theme color of your choice
  • Specific notification topics to target your users
  • Website logo [ 200 * 200 PNG]
  • Launcher app icon [ 512 * 512 PNG]
  • Feature-graphics for android play store [1024 * 1024 PNG]
  • IOS App store icon [1024 * 1024 JPG]
  • Privacy Policy URL

We will completely deploy apps to the respective app stores after complete testing.

You can check our recently developed apps by app builder:

Push Notification System:

App Builder facilitates to send clickable and rich content messages to your android and ios app. Through which you can timely flow your information and ideas to increase customer engagement.

What does our Notification Management System do?

This system helps to create a notification message and send these notification messages to their apps. Announce new deals, local events and more with specially targeted notifications delivered right to your app users.

How does it work?

It allows you to send notifications based on your customized topics. It also has a simple user management system for adding more members with limited access in your team for managing notification system

  • Once your app is ready, you can log in on our website and go to the backend panel.

  • Here you can see your site settings

  • For sending notifications, you just need to click on Create Message and fill the required details.

  • By selecting type and topic, targeted notification can be sent.

  • By clicking on send notification, the notification is received by android/ios or both apps according to selected type and topic. You can also schedule the notification
    by specifying the time. Then it would automatically be processed at that time.

  • Admin has the power to create new members (editors) but editors can only create and send a notification.

This is all about our simple app-builder that makes it easy to convert your website into an app without coding.
Give it a try for improving your visibility and have your own official app.

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