Sell Digital Products Online from Your Website !!

Limited Offer to get craziest price with support of downloadable products

Did you always want to sell downloadable products from your website but just didn't know how to do it? Now you can do it and it is super simple!

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Third Party Integration with PayPlans is So Simple

Joomla-User-Type App will help you for easy integration and better access control

In any subscription system we want to restrict the access of resources on the basis of subscribed plan. If a user has Premium Plan than we provide more privileges than the one who has Basic Plan. More privilege is directly related to more access. So in such scenario PayPlan Joomla-User-Type App is very useful.

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Small Tweaks in PayPlans to Achieve More - Part 1

Our response to your feedback for improvement of PayPlans.

This week, we released PayPlans 3.3.4 with few enhancements and fixes. We have also addressed few feedback from our customers. Over the few coming weeks, we would be doing this exercise and try to include small modifications/fixes suggested by our customers. These would make PayPlans even better in terms of usability and maintainability. Here is a summary of this release.

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Mobile Ready PayCart Integrated With JSN Ferado - An eCommerce Template

7 benefits your online store will get out of the splendid combo of JSN Ferado Template and PayCart

Want to scale up your business quickly? Create your online store in just few minutes with mobile ready Joomla! shopping cart - PayCart and high quality JoomlaShine JSN Ferado template. Here are the best qualities you’ll get out of this splendid combination.

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Your Very Own PayPlans is Now Powered by Bootstrap 3

Creating mobile-friendly membership websites with Bootstrap 3 compatible
responsive templates in Joomla has got a lot easier and quicker.

Few months back we had requested our customers to provide their inputs related to new features and enhancements that they would like to have in their beloved subscription management system i.e. PayPlans. We got numerous requests for making PayPlans compatible with Bootstrap 3. In order to offer eCommerce business solution with the latest technology, we decided to upgrade templates of PayPlans to support Bootstrap 3 (BS3). Since BS3 is mobile friendly too, it will be great opportunity for mobile users to try out sites on their handheld devices anytime, anywhere.

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Make Your Community Website Responsive with JS Addons

JSPT, XIUS and JSPC are now compatible with Bootstrap v2

With enhancement of Joomla and Jomsocial, there is a constant evolution of JS-Addon products and approaches. If you're not fully engrossed with latest version of these, then it can be hard to keep up.

We understand that the vast majority of users traffic will originate from smart devices. The adoption of mobile device to find friends, keep in touch, and interact within community really makes your social site viral.The increased use of mobile devices is centered around responsive web design, mobile sites, and native apps. With same thoughts we had planned to make our suite of JS-Addons responsive, so that your community based website is seamlessly accessible across all devices.

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Upgrade Your Joomla Site From Bootstrap v2.x To v3.x

Simplest template overrides for your Joomla! 3.3 website to make it compatible to Twitter’s Bootstrap 3.x

Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks available today. It speeds-up the development process offers several useful components like navigation, drop-downs, icons and much more. It is essentially a complete solution for creating responsive websites " you don’t need to be a CSS or HTML ninja to achieve a fluid layout with a 12-column grid.

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