XiUS Privacy

Swati Goyal , 08 August, 2010

Joomlaxi Team again introduce and implement a new idea in XIUS. The new innovation is named as "XiUS Privacy". It provides a privacy functionality to the Joomla Users with the searching information.
    <strong style="text-decoration: underline">Brief Introduction of XiUS
    JoomlaXi promised you to provide couple of feature with JoomlaXi User
    Search. So, we are here with new feature by which administrator can
    decide accessibility criteria for Joomla Users group. The accessibility
    criteria are: Search-ability, Visibility and sort-ability. The setting
    of accessibility is named as "<strong>XiUS Privacy</strong>". XiUS
    Privacy provides confidential functionality with user search. If you
    wants that particular group users can search and see the respective
    information than you can set the criteria on the respective
    information. For example, If you want that employee information is only
    visible to registered users and only Manager can search through Salary
    information than XiUS Privacy feature fulfill your requirement.

<ol style="color: #333333; font-family: Tahoma, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 15.800000190734863px;"><li>This is a feature which is added a setting for selecting user groups in
General Parameter of Create Information.</li>

    <li>XiUS Privacy provides a controlling on accessibility criteria which


            <li>Visibility (on mini profile)</li>


    <li>You can apply accessibility criteria on following user group:








            <li>Super Administrator (No condition will be applied to this
            type of user, will be able to access all information)</li>

            <li>Guest (Not logged in user)</li>

    <li>When you create Information you have to select user group in
    "<span>Accessible User Group" in General Parameters. If nothing is
    selected in "Accessible User Group" than only Super Administrator can
    search and see this information.</span></li>
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