8 Most Important Cost Considerations Before Buying a Shopping Cart Software.

A $99 shopping cart may be cheaper than a free one. Can’t believe it? Discover it yourself

2 years back, I was planning to buy a new car. Based on my personal preferences of features and budget, I settled for a particular model of a popular brand. When I went to buy that, I found that the actual cost including the taxes, accessories, insurance, decor etc was exceeding my budget. The similar implicit costs are associated with a software product too.

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Go Global with PayCart’s Automatic Country & States database

Select countries and PayCart will populate states for you. Simple.

Are you running a global business with your online store? How had been your experience of listing the countries you are going to provide your products to? How easy it was to change that list of countries in future? Was that a lengthy, painful process which took a lot of time and efforts? I can empathize with you since I know it is a very tedious task.

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How Good Checkout Can Skyrocket Your Sales.

Find out why your store’s checkout page is killing conversions.

This is the era of eCommerce, then why don’t all e-Commerce site get successful business? Analysis identifies that checkout process is one of the most important factor for your conversion rate.

A fast and smart checkout can boost your sales up, whereas, a lousy checkout can significantly reduce it. Customers get frustrated whenever they need to fill a form to proceed. If your online store’s checkout process helps users fill it quickly without hassles, customers are guaranteed to convert.

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Build An Amazing Fashion Store with PayCart

Use JoomlArt’s Latest Responsive Joomla! Template JA CagoX with PayCart

An online store with professional and modern look is desirable to encourage and attract your potential customers. JA CagoX template of JoomlaArt is released with the aim of offering a fully responsive and trendy design to your online fashion store.

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5 Amazing PayCart Features You’d Absolutely Love!

Small step journey towards Best Joomla Shopping Cart

We are back with incremental update in PayCart 1.0. This update focuses on adding up payment gateways, modules and few more important features to get best value out of it. So let me summarize it quickly.

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Lets move to a user friendly shopping cart - PayCart!

With stable release, PayCart is ready to be used on your live/production website

Yes, you are reading it right and we announce it with immense pleasure. The most awaited release of PayCart happened today. After tremendous development work for a year and half, Ready Bytes released PayCart 1.0.2, the first stable version of our dream product.

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How to build Multilingual Shopping Cart?

Transitioning admin experience from ohh to aha

If you are using Joomla! CMS, for your multilingual website. You have two options,

  1. To use Joomla core.
  2. Use 3rd party extensions like Falang and JoomFish.

Both of these options are not so manageable.

However, setting up your own online store in multiple languages will be no more painful. No more nightmares of duplicating menus, category for every language. No more headache of using complicated 3rd party extensions. All thanks to the newly released shopping cart PayCart.

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PayCart is Ready - Are you ?

Flat $100 Off and win 6 months additional Subscription - FREE

E-Commerce fans, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. With the release of Paycart's Beta version today, Ready Bytes announced that some of the Early Birds will able to get upto flat $100 discount with pre-stable release of Paycart. The offer is open to a limited number of users who are placing their keen eye on development of this experience based products and not going to miss any such information. This is shaping up to be the single best purchase we’ve ever offered, and a price that is unheard-of considering it as a Beta release.

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Meet the PayCart Quickstart Alpha

Download and Install - Store Gets Live :)

Last week, we have released our first ever version of PayCart — a so called Alpha version — which allow developers, designers and Web Admin users to exploit and play with it.

Alpha version is considered as “the elephant in the room that nobody talks about”, but here it has different approach where users are eagerly involved and very much interested this is why we used "so called Alpha version".

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