Go Global with PayCart’s Automatic Country & States database

Select countries and PayCart will populate states for you. Simple.

Shyam Sundar Verma , 03 April, 2015

Are you running a global business with your online store? How had been your experience of listing the countries you are going to provide your products to? How easy it was to change that list of countries in future? Was that a lengthy, painful process which took a lot of time and efforts? I can empathize with you since I know it is a very tedious task.

Most of the shopping carts provide option to create country and states manually and some provide all the countries and states which need to be filtered according to your need. In my opinion, it is a burden to create 240+ countries and their states manually and also why to have all the countries and states if you are not supporting it?

How about an easy and quick option to import country and states?

With our new One-Click-Import option, you can be up and running with countries and states in no time! This API based import functionality allows admin to select single, multiple or all of them with just one click using this importer.

This import functionality is inbuilt with PayCart which gives you an easy way to install or organize all your countries and state. However, if you have already created some countries then those countries won't be available for import, unless you delete them.

How does the importer work?

Here are the simple and easy steps to use the importer :-

  1. Go to Country section in PayCart’s backend and click on Import button.
  2. Select countries that you want to import.
  3. Import process will be initiated and all the countries and respective states will be created in the Paycart.

And, that’s it!

What else is improved in PayCart 1.0.5?

We have added one more feature which will extend the filtration and search functionality on your product catalogue, carts, users etc. When the business is new and small, it is easy to keep track of your products , categories and orders. But, as the business grows, your customer base and product base gets larger, it will become cumbersome to search products across several pages of your product catalogue or orders of a user.

Therefore, we have added filters on each admin screen to make the search easy. You can get search results based on various filter criteria. E.g. -

  1. Product of a category - List all watches
  2. Product of a Product attribute(s) - List all out of stock products
  3. Product of an attribute range - List all products in price range $ 149- $199
  4. User detail with username or email - Get the info of fantastic User
  5. Cart detail with username or cart ID - Get cart(s) of guest
  6. etc.

You can now quickly get the required information and perform any admin operation when required.

Please let us know your feedback on these features which simplify your business operations, in the comments below. We would love to add more of such features based on your inputs.

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