5 Amazing PayCart Features You’d Absolutely Love!

Small step journey towards Best Joomla Shopping Cart

Shyam Sundar Verma , 05 March, 2015

We are back with incremental update in PayCart 1.0. This update focuses on adding up payment gateways, modules and few more important features to get best value out of it. So let me summarize it quickly.

Simplest Ever Eu-Vat App

EU VAT for PayCart is designed to automatically collect tax with proper validation according to European VAT regulations in very friendly manner. This Eu Vat plugin supports all physical goods rules with just one Tax and one Group rules. In this premium quality plugin, you can apply Tax either on basis of Billing or Shipping address.

Explore EU Vat Simplicity

Search Filter for Hand-held Devices

Buyers love to explore stores on mobiles, therefore search and filters are critical to user experience. We have just added a new filter design to paycart for improved products searching in all devices. The new filter is in a dropdown at the top of the screen when you limit search results by specific characteristics. See this

Search Filter for Hand-held Devices

New Payment Gateways Integrated

We have added some popular payment gateways to connect merchants and its customers throughout the world. Additionally, with PayPal and Stripe, admin can now collect online payments using other demanded payment gateways including Authorize CIM, E-way, MES and Payfast payment gateways.

New Integrated Payment Gateways

Modules to Showcase Products & Categories

“How effective are product position and display to convert the casual user into a buyer?” - If you have the same question in your mind and are worrying about it, then skip that off. Now, you can attract your customers by marketing your products or categories, wherever you want, using these modules. You can show top products by popularity, can change their ordering, can use by specific level or by specific id and many more...

<figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img class="img-polaroid" src="5-amazing-paycart-features-you-would-absolutely-love/categories-module.png" alt="categories-module"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Modules to Showcase
        Categories</figcaption></figure><figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img class="img-polaroid" src="5-amazing-paycart-features-you-would-absolutely-love/products-module.png" alt="products-module"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Modules to Showcase

Perfect 'Thank You' Page to Minimize Support Requests

An optimal 'Thank You' page to display your gratitude and order details to your customers. It is the best place to guide user for next action and reduce the support queries.

A Perfect 'Thank You' Page

What's Next ?

We are going to add support for latest styled and feature rich bootstrap 3 framework soon. This simply means that your shopping cart will support fully responsive design for all modern and traditional mobile browsers.

Stay tuned to get more updates on PayCart and a demanding support for Bootstrap 3 templates !!

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