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Gaurav Jain , 15 January, 2015

E-Commerce fans, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. With the release of Paycart's Beta version today, Ready Bytes announced that some of the Early Birds will able to get upto flat $100 discount with pre-stable release of Paycart. The offer is open to a limited number of users who are placing their keen eye on development of this experience based products and not going to miss any such information. This is shaping up to be the single best purchase we’ve ever offered, and a price that is unheard-of considering it as a Beta release.

What kind of beta is this? " This beta is focused on pre stable release of Paycart product. It will require the minimum use of Php 5.3.10 with Joomla 3.3. You must Participate in this Beta release and get engaged with more exciting and experienced features developed by Ready Bytes team. With this you can share your feedback or bug reports at [email protected]

<p>The first, and final, beta of PayCart 1.0 is now available to
    download. With all hands on polishing up existing features and fixes
    of <a href="" target="_blank">alpha release</a>, sufficient attention has been given to bringing new
    features to Paycart.</p>

<h3>What’s New in Beta?</h3>

    <h4 class="jpp-font400">Multilingual : </h4>
    Creating a multilingual website is
    much useful thing to site owners especially who have global customers
    and Paycart is multilingual from the very first release.
    There is no need to use any other extension for multilingual
    translation. <strong>Now grow Globally</strong>.
<figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img class="img-polaroid" src="paycart-is-ready-are-you/paycart-support-multi-lingual.png" alt="paycart support multilingual"/><figcaption class="img-caption">PayCart support Multilingual</figcaption></figure><h4 class="jpp-font400">Searching and Filtering : </h4>
<p> Searching and filtering is one of the
    most important features of an ecommerce system because it seems
    impossible to show all products with full details to customers at same
    time. With a powerful search, a store can increase selling chances as
    well as improve customers’ search experience with ease of use.</p>
<figure class="text-center"><img class="img-polaroid" src="paycart-is-ready-are-you/fast-and-ajaxified-search-in-paycart.png" alt="fast and ajaxified search in paycart"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Fast and Ajaxified search
        in PayCart</figcaption></figure><figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img class="img-polaroid" src="paycart-is-ready-are-you/smart-filter-in-paycart.png" alt="smart filter in paycart"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Smart filter in PayCart</figcaption></figure><h4 class="jpp-font400">My account : </h4>

My account section is the place from
where customers get updated about their order details i.e. can
view/track orders. With this user can also manage their personal
details in this section. Guest users can track their orders by
requesting an url of order to track.

<figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img class="img-polaroid" src="paycart-is-ready-are-you/user-account.png" alt="user account in paycart"/><figcaption class="img-caption">User account in PayCart</figcaption></figure><h4 class="jpp-font400">Payment Processing From Back-end : </h4>
    Offline payments
    are very efficient in the eCommerce Market due to COD functionality.
    Cash on Delivery (COD) offers better experience model(where consumer
    has to make payment once product get delivered) and both offline
    payments and COD requires backend payment processing.
</p><p class="jpp-margin-b30">Additionally if payment didn't succeed from your online payment
    gateway or got from any other resources then in these cases also
    Payment can be processed from backend.</p>

<p class="text-center jpp-margin-b30">
    <a href="" target="_blank" class="btn btn-primary btn-large">Know more about
        Paycart Features »</a>

<p>With the beta of PayCart 1.0 here, the next release will be the
    final Stable release of Paycart 1.0.* tentatively expected by first
    week of February. We have dropped RC release because this beta is
    fully tested and we consider it as Almost Stable Release.</p>

    Last week, the rapid development of <a href="" target="_blank"> RB Framework for Ready Bytes products rebranded
        with its 1.0.0 release</a> and we want to intimate that <strong>Paycart
        is also developed on the top of this framework</strong>. The framework is
    successfully used and tested in other Ready Bytes products too i.e
    PayInvoice, Jxi Forms, App Store. With the version 1.0 release right
    around the corner, the paycart is now in almost stable state and ready
    for testing.

<p class="jpp-margin-b30">If you are an Active Joomla users or want to connect with
    eCommerce then become a beta tester and play a significant role in
    shaping product in the pipeline.</p>

<h3>Exclusive Deals on Launching Paycart :</h3>

    As part of the grand launching of Paycart Beta, our Team also offering
    a <strong>special Exclusive Deal to our Early Birds</strong>.

    With just these 3 steps, you will <strong>extend your
        subscription for additional 6 months - FREE.</strong>
<ol><li>Purchase Paycart with huge Early Bird discount upto flat 100$
    <li>Setup your publically available demo shopping cart with
        atleast 50 no of products.</li>
    <li>Share your cart in any 3 of your favourites Social Media ie
        Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin.</li>
    That's it. Shoot us an email and we will extend your subscription for
    extra 6 months. <br/><strong>Be fast and Quick, as offers is valid
        before Paycart 1.0 Stable gets released</strong>.

Purchase Now + Setup Paycart with at least 50 products = Get upto 100$ Off + Additional 6 months FREE !!

<p class="text-center">
    <a href="" target="_blank" class="btn btn-primary">Grab Best Ever
            Purchase Offer</a>

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