Do it yourself : A beginner's guide to start debugging Joomla

Debugging the Joomla issues quickly

"Well trained and knowledgeable support staff is available for your help, but to squeeze the best out of them in the minimal effort is an art."

You own a Joomla website and have few extensions installed at your end. It is very likely that an error or a bug can crop up anytime and trouble you indefinitely. In that scenario the best solution is to contact the extension provider for the technical help but our earth is separated into different time zones, which could be a cause for the hinderance in the immediate answering to your troubles.

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13 Tips To Get Best Support In Joomla

Sharing the personal insight on getting the right consumer support.

"Exact Consumer Support at the right time can save anyone from a deadening frustration."

I believe almost everyone round the globe has felt the genuine requirement for a good consumer support at some point in their life. I have felt the need many times and suffered few frustrating responses from the consumer support.

I was always wondering that, do they not love the product for which they give the support? Sometimes it also occurred to me that the support person was not well versed with his products. As the reply was something other than I asked for. Why such response? Are they placed forcefully to reply? All these mind consuming thoughts kept swarming in my head for a very long time, without any possible reason for their existence.

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Improving Speed of Joomla based Website

Explorations while shifting our servers.

Anyone running an personal website would be aware of the importance of Servers. Behind every domain there is a web server which is called the host. Whenever you type a specific URL in the browser, you gain access to the web server of that website. The files are fetched and displayed in your browser screen.

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