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A Revolutionary Multipurpose Joomla Template

Katherine (Guest) , 28 May, 2015

Not so long ago, TemplateMonster started releasing its new revolutionary Joomla templates that feature a wider array of advanced functionality, compared to the standard designs. The competition is very tough on the modern web. Each brand tries to stand out from the rest with something unique and appealing, a feature that no other project has ever implemented. If you are striving to find a similar option for your business, then try Wegy. This is a multipurpose Joomla template that was developed by TemplateMonster’s creative team of professionals.

“Why should I waste time on looking through the long list of elements this theme features?” you may ask. Well, we have decided to write this overview for a reason. With over 12 years of experience and more than 1800 Joomla templates released, these guys know their business pretty well. By trial and error, they have created a universal, multi-purpose design that will please the most demanding requirements. Designed with the latest IT trends and concepts, this theme incorporates an appealing, user-friendly look with powerful functionality. Read further to take a closer look at what the package includes.

Wegy Joomla Theme

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Bootstrap-powered & Mobile-friendly

First and foremost, Wegy was made fully adaptive. When choosing a website template for the next project web developers pay special attention to its responsivity. With Wegy, there will be no need in developing a mobile version of your site. The layout will adapt to any screen size it’s being viewed on.

mobile friendly
Mobile Friendly

A powerful Bootstrap framework provides the theme with a rich set of functions that can enhance the way your site performs. For instance, the package includes icons, dropdown and alerts all of which can be styled with ease.


For higher ranking of a website built with this theme, it was SEO-optimized. Wegy contains page/product/post links that can be read easily by both users and search engines. What’s more, optimized theme scripts and styling, meta descriptions for products and pages, correct heading for the titles of components and modules, etc. guarantee higher ranking in search results.

Sticky MegaMenu

To ensure seamless navigation, the theme was integrated with a fixed Mega Menu. Staying at the top as a user scroll down the page makes it more convenient to reach the rest of the content of your site with a single click. Flexible and fully editable, the menu can be changed the way you wish. You can group the products by categories, add images, etc.

Mega Menu

Google Web Fonts

The template comes integrated with a collection of Google web fonts that you can use to bring individuality to your future web project. The typography options are literally unlimited. So, feel free to pick any.

google web fonts
Google Web Fonts

Font Icons

This is another feature that makes the template so special. Choose from multiple vector icons, scale them up or down to enliven the design.

Font Icons
Font Icons

Full-width Slider

Keeping track of the latest web design trends, the developers of this theme integrated a full-width slider into its header to captivate users’ attention once they land on your page. It will not only add more visual appeal to your site, but also showcase your products or services beautifully.

Full-width Slider
Full-width Slider

Portfolio Gallery

This is a proven way of adding more style and balance to your site. By means of a portfolio gallery you can showcase your products, services and the most successful projects in an easy-to-navigate manner.

Portfolio Gallery
Portfolio Gallery

Lazy Load Effect

For faster page loading and better user experience, Wegy was integrated with lazy loading effect. Images make up over 60% of an average page size. Without lazy loading, this could result in a lot of data traffic and longer waiting times. Modern users are impatient. What’s more, most of them use handheld devices to access the web. By lazy loading, images outside the viewpoint will be loaded only when they would be visible to users.

Parallax Scrolling

For a more captivating storytelling and a more powerful visual appeal, background images support parallax scrolling effect. By making the background move at a slower rate than the foreground you will get a breathtaking 3D effect that is so trendy in 2015.

Parallax Scrolling
Parallax Scrolling

Google Map API

By means of built-in Google map you can show users how to find the fastest route to the physical location of your business or store.

google map api
Google Map API

Newsletter Signup Form

Keep the audience informed about your company news and events, promo campaigns, new releases, etc. with the help of an easy-to-use newsletter form.

10+ Media Modules

More than 10 new media modules were integrated to make it easier for you for create a more functional and easy-to-navigate web resource. These include:

  • Social media modules
  • Joomla social login
  • Progress bar
  • Live chat with Olark Add Counters
  • and many other handy modules

14 Pre-designed Pages

Home, About, Contact and FAQ pages will make up the backbone of your site. Additionally, the theme features such pages as blog, gallery, forum, portfolio, history, pricing, careers, and our team. You can modify or omit any of them with ease.

Cookie policy

Cookie Directive Plugin provides a mechanism for informing users about how you use cookies on your website. Thus, you can show that you care about your clients’ privacy.

cookie policy
Cookie Policy

Wegy was designed for business-related projects. However, if you need it for any other purpose, the template can be adjusted to fit finance, communication, Internet, software or any other site. If you need a Joomla theme that would make your website both visually appealing and functional from the inside, then Wegy would be the right choice. See it live and take a closer look at its functionality by clicking More info and Demo buttons.

About the Author: authors/Katherine Crayon is copywriter reporting on tech news and all aspects of the web design industry. She works for online business onboarding.

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