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Look at Joomla from a Newbie's Eye.

Divya Sharma , 27 February, 2015

Hello there! I am Divya and I am new to Joomla! :)

I come here with an engineering degree in Information Technology and nine years of industry experience in various Microsoft Technologies for Windows & web based application development using Windows & Web services, WCF, Azure, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Silverlight etc. to name a few.

All I knew about Joomla! is that it is a free open source content management system. Having Microsoft background, I could relate it with Sharepoint. I wanted to know more about it from my team but they wanted me to have my hands on it and let them know how I felt about it. Well, I guess they wanted to avoid my ‘new-to-Joomla!’ series of questions. :) They indeed wanted to convert this situation into an opportunity to find out the expectations of a new user with a joomla! website. So, I planned to explore the Joomla! world and come up with a series of blogs. I’ll share my thoughts and findings as I go on exploring. So, stay tuned and here is the first one.

Taking a suggestion from my teammate, I started my journey with It helped me know -

  • How a joomla based CMS will look like,
  • What are some of the features I can use,
  • What kind of extensibility is there,
  • What all I can do with it,
  • How will my site look to my audience, etc.

Since is a service that hosts Joomla! based websites, I could do all my experiments without doing the plumbing job. I need not worry about setting up and configuring the server, creating website, managing access control and hosting website on the server. Wow! that saved a lot of time and efforts in my initial learning.

I tried a few things on and following are details on what I experienced -

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