JoomlaXi Forms: Phase II

Bhavya Shaktawat , 19 December, 2013

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

Winston Churchill

It has been more than half a year since we talked about our product JoomlaXi Forms. During the period it was not the inclusion of new features that concerned us, it was what is needed by our users.

In this effort we have revised our existing roadmap for JoomlaXi Forms, analyzed new prospects in the existing release in terms of features, usability and understanding so that we can enhance the quality and come up with a solutions to your problems.

There are several features that are expected to be the part of a form system, such as an editor for form building, field validation etc. We have been collecting the informations from our users and friends to combine your expectations and our intentions. Keeping in mind the scope of our product we would like to bring out some variations in the JoomlaXi Forms.

Upcoming features

We have finalised certain features that we are planning to work on in the coming quarter.

  1. Easy form building : It will facilitate you to create form without any necessity to remember html syntax and other constraints.
  2. Combining screens of action and form : Eliminate the confusion whether to create form first or the action. A single screen to manage and configure a form easily.
  3. Data display and Reporting : It will include the centralized display of user submitted data. Currently data display is available under the queue section which is unavailable for analysis purpose.
  4. Field Data Validation : Javascript client side validation on the form will be applied.
  5. Access control : Allows you to incorporate some restrictions on user, based on their user-group or other access levels.
  6. Spam protection : Regular data analysis to identify the behaviour of the submitted data so as to minimize spam. To be noted that this feature will not create any hindrance in the fast processing of the tool.

The Ultimate goal of JoomlaXi Forms

JoomlaXi Form is designed with a motive to ease the panic, that is generally associated with the online form management. In our earlier iterations we mainly focused on simplifying the form handling processes. We added many action that could be performed on the submitted datas in the form. Allowing users to easily handle the data and process them.

In this release our main target will be to simplify the form creating process and securing you from the online spams too which were absent from the earlier versions.

These are some of the new major features that we will be planting in JoomlaXi Forms. Apart from these many other enhancements are also in consideration but we would love to hear from you and know your expectations.

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