13 March, 2013

JoomlaXi Form: Beta released

Beta is released now! It is our next step in the software release cycle of The JoomlaXi Form. The Beta release marks all the developments in JoomlaXi Form from it's earlier Alpha release including the updated version of the earlier released version to help improve the software.
<h3><span>What is new in this Beta? </span></h3>

Single-Click Installation

The native installation process of the JoomlaXi forms was indigenously lacking in the process of a single click setup. Our dedicated team of testers missed this feature too. Even a specific group of people (to whom I am very grateful, that they tried out JoomlaXi form on my request) suggested this usability feature. So, to make your life more easy and equip you with a unique tool to handle the mammoth of the datas posted at your site we just got rid of the tedious two step installation process.Now, no more pathetic installations, just a single installation and you go ZOOMMMM....

Introduction of RB- framework  

RB Framework stands for the Ready Bytes framework. This framework is time tested as well as load tested as per the Joomla requirements. You would be amazed to know that RB Framework came into existence with the birth of PayPlans two years earlier from now. Since then it has constantly evolved and stood the flow of time. It has always ensured the quality of our products. Now this secret ingredient is added to the flow of JoomlaXi Forms ;-) making it more durable and dependable upon. RB- framework is a libraries of versatile classes specifically designed and updated by us and now it runs at the core of JoomlaXi Forms.

Better User Interface

Necessity for a great user interface when it comes to the product love, is very eminent. We have always believed this concept and have even arrived to an output that, "When it comes to using a software, it should have very smooth process for user to play with one of their lovely extension. We have provided some good and clean User Interface but still lots of things needed to be done. Your feedbacks are really appreciated to improve and enhance your product. Your modifications should have been considered and achieved in our future releases. But as of now you can get more serialized process queue to track your actions. With every actions we have provided sample html for new- bies to use and test without any pain. So do provide your feedback to improve responsive quality of our product. 

These were only few from the complete set of core quality additions made by us in this Beta version. I would request you to have a look at the rest of updates for this release in the change logs and as usual this beta release is free to use for you

So what do would you recommend us for a quick feature in the JoomlaXi Form's future versions to help you relax and rejuvenate? 

Please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Hope you enjoy using the JoomlaXi Forums.   

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