16 April, 2013

Action In JoomlaXi Forms

The Dawn of the year 2013 has been marked by us as A Small Step for Joomla and a Giant Leap for Forms! We are Motivated by the belief that JoomlaXi Forms will completely revolutionize the ways of form management and processing system for ever and ever -- which is why we will keep the innovation free for all. Yes, it's completely true - JoomlaXi Forms is free of cost and not only that, we have even incorporated 7 free Actions with the product

The Actions are the heartbeat for the innovation which makes the JoomlaXi form supreme.

The free Actions- 

  1. Ack-by-email 
  2. Reset password   
  3. Email 
  4. Joomla-Login 
  5. Joomla-Registration 
  6. Mailchimp        
  7. Dropbox  

You can get the complete list of actions till date at a glance in the documentations at our website.

Must have noticed few more Actions apart from the above mentioned ones in the documentation. I would like to introduce you to the "Premium Action Bundle for JoomlaXi Forms"

Own the Premium Action Bundle

Apart from the 7 Free Actions, JoomlaXi Forms even have an list of Paid Premium Actions. It will cost for only $30 with unlimited updates and premium support to the product for 6 Months. The premium bundle originally costed around $50. Hurray! you will be saving $20.

Premium Actions-

Currently the paid Premium Actions consists of the following Actions.

  1. Github-Issue - The Github-Issue action will manage the ticketing system and create issues dynamically from the data posted in the Online Form.
  2. Assana-Task -  Want to push the form data into your Asana account? Well this is what this action is to do, you can use the submitted form data to create a task in Asana with no extra efforts.
  3. HTTP Query - It will help you get back whatever data is going to come from the web server. Basically, you can sends out HTTP request to a URL with certain variable on the basis of form submission.
  4. SQL Query - SQL Query Action helps in executing SQL queries on submission of a form. The database on which this query will be executed can be either the site on which the form is or even some other site's.

These were slight descriptions for the Premium Actions in JoomlaXi Forms. Though the Premium Actions are valued at $30 but I would like to remind again that JoomlaXi Forms is completely free to use with its 7 inbuilt Actions I mentioned at the top. 

Freely try JoomlaXi Forms & Own The Premium Action Bundle!

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