04 January, 2013

Make things possible with JoomlaXi Forms

    As JoomlaXi says, we create products which make your joomla experience a splendid acquaintance, lessen your effort and enlarge the possibilities while working with Joomla sites, in continuation with that we are going to introduce a brand-new extension for Joomla which will makes you feel like a creator. JoomlaXi Forms is what we are talking about. JoomlaXi Forms is an advanced forms system for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

Many times we thought of performing different actions on the submitted data. Some of the action like :-

  • Email the submitted data,
  • Insert the data values in the database,
  • Execute some code after form submission,
  • Post data to some other url,
  • Interface to visualize the content,
  • Export the data,
  • Sms notifications

And even lots of more other actions. JoomlaXi Forms is made for all the above mentioned  purpose and many more. Easy to use functionality and ease of creating new actions will make you love this extension.

JoomlaXi Forms has eliminated the limitation to place the forms on same website to perform the actions. Now, It provides you ample of freedom to place the forms anywhere on the web. So, you can create forms anywhere you want and manage all of them on a single website where this extension is installed. Eg:- You have multiple websites and on every site you have created Contact us, Refund request and Discount forms. And to manage these you need to handle all of them separately. What if ?? If all the things get centralized and handle at one place only.

JoomlaXi Forms gives you the power to create and setup actions that run inside the Joomla without requiring the knowledge of PHP and MySQL. You just need to create the forms and attach it with the desired action and all is ready to go.

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