27 September, 2011

JoomlaXi Support System

JoomlaXi created a system implemented with the aim of providing support for an enterprise, product line, or project to increase the quality of the products and for gaining customers faith. Team JoomlaXi always try to find solutions for top issues, error messages or getsupport straight-away from developers. So our Customer get required solution in a shot. In this Blog, We wants to communicate about our Support System and the various ways how you find-out the best effective solutions of product issues.
Lets start a tour of JoomlaXi Support System........

We have divided Support system in three levels:
  1. Documentation and FAQ's: This is the initial support level responsible for basic customer issues. Some times customer gets very general issues like, How to use or setup products, What are the settings required for the product. These issues can be solved directly by going through documentation of specific product. Click Here to see JoomlaXi Product Documentation.
  2. Product Videos: This is a visual docs and more in-depth support level than level 1 containing experienced and more knowledgeable personnel on a particular product. Team JoomlaXi created some videos for the general issues which are getting by our customer. If customer can not solve the issue by product documentation then they can go through the following videos to solve the issue:
    1. JomSocial Profile Types: If you are getting JSPT related issues then go through the following links:
      1. JSPT Installation: If you are getting any error related to JSPT installation  and cleaning setup screen then click here to see the video which may help you to solve the issue.
      2. Apply ProfileType Settings: If you are trying to apply Profiletype Settings like Avatar, Watermark, Privacy on JomSocial existing users. But It do not show any changes at your site then click here to see video. It may be possible that you have missed some steps.
      3. How change user's Profiletype: As an administrator, you want to change user's profiletype through back-end then this link will help you.
      4. Restriction on JS custom Profile Fields: If administrator want to apply some restrictions on JS Custom Fields like, Who have Profile Fields, Where to show the fields, Is Profile Fields is editable or not. Click Here to find-out all the answers of above questions.
      5. Restriction on JS Features: As an administrator, you want that particular users can not use JS features like, Accessing groups, events or applications, Inviting or adding friends, Can not change status and many other then you can see here.
      6. JSPT and PayPlan Integration: If you want paid subscription system with JSPT then PayPlans and JSPT can easily integrated and configure. Have a look here.
    2. JoomlaXi User Search: If you are getting XiUS related issues then go through the following links:
      1. Introduction of XiUS: If you have purchase the product but you can't get how to use the product then this is the best link for you.
      2. Range Search: Instead of basic searching, XiUS provide advanced searching like Age search, Date Search or range of particular integer. Go through the link to know how it's possible.
      3. Proximity Search:If you want to make your site more attractive with Google Map (Proximity) Searching to findout site members by their location then click here to know how to use this functionality.
      4. User Listing: If you want to show the list of site members who follow specific condition then click here to know how to use this settings.
      5. Search Panel on module: If you want to show the search panel as per your site settings and wants to show Search Panel as other Joomla modules shown then simply click here to get an answer.
      6. Dynamic Filtering as per Profiletype: As an administrator, You want to apply privacy on searching condition also. It mean, Particular profiletype can apply searching on particular custom fields then go through the link.
  3. Support Forum: This is the highest level of support in a three-tiered support level responsible for handling the most difficult or advanced problems. If you are not getting solution from Documentation and Product Videos then Team JoomlaXi welcome your queries at Support forum. You can simply post your issue at JoomlaXi Forum. Our experts will check the issue and replied you with the solutions. Click here to post the issues.
These are the basic levels which Team JoomlaXi uses for providing support to you. The reason for providing a multi-level support system instead of one general support group is to provide the best possible service in the most efficient possible manner. Success of the organization is dependent on the their customer response, team time commitments, and when to appropriately escalate an issue.
    In Sequence of the success of organization, We are waiting for your
    response and advise for improving support quality.

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