01 October, 2011

New Products Release

Welcome JS Dependent Fields and Profile Visitor, the September 2011 product release! These stunning to present the newest release from our software house with a big presentation for your Joomla! websites. In sequence originating new ideas, Team JoomlaXi give rise up to two new products named as 'JS Dependent Fields' and 'Profile Visitor'. Both the products are unique and furnish attractive functionality.
Turn inside out on both the Products gradually.........

JomSocial Dependent Fields
JS Dependent Fields (XIDEP) is a combination of Component and Plugin. This component can manage the dependency between JomSocial custom fields which is defined by administrator. It will automatically manage the relationship at the process of registration, editing profile information. Take an example for more explanation, You have 3 custom fields say, Country, State and City. You want that whenever site member select Country, all the States for Country shown. When Member select State then respective cities in that State shown. This is the best product for this particular utility.
  1. Compatible with Joomla!1.5 and Joomla!1.7
  2. Automatic Manage JS Custom Fields
  3. Accomplish Relationship between JS Custom Fields
  4. Generalise Relationship between any JS Custom Fields
  5. No limit on creating Dependency on Custom Fields
Profile Visitor
Profile Visitor is a JomSocial Application. This is enthralling and inventing application for Social Networking Websites. At every Social Networking site, Site members wants to know the Name of all the members who visit their profile since last visit. This plugin makes simple this feature for you.
  1. Compatible with Joomla!1.5 and Joomla!1.7
  2. Tracks and displays who has been visiting your profile
  3. Use the shortlink for the display of profile of visited user.
  4. Incredible customization power on showing maximum profile visitors

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