08 June, 2011

XIUS 2.7 : Stable Released

We are excited to announce that JoomlaXi User Search (XIUS) 2.7 is now available to support your live sites. Yes, XIUS 2.7 stable release has been done. This release will be a great news for all those users who have been waiting for pairing XIUS with Joomla!1.6. XIUS 2.7 is fully compatible with Joomla!1.6. You can easily deploy XIUS2.7 on latest versions of Joomla without any issue.

Whether Upgrade to XIUS 2.7 or remain with XIUS 2.6 ?
1. XIUS 2.7 is compatible with latest versions of Joomla 1.6 and 1.5.
2. It will support JomSocial 2.2 and later versions.
3. If you want to continue with Joomla 1.5.xx along with JomSocial 2.0.xx and lower versions, then XIUS 2.6 is here for you. (For 1.6, you must upgrade to XIUS 2.7)
Besides compatibility, a cool feature is also waiting for you. While searching, user can sort list of all users according to fields given like gender, name, city, etc. and order them in ascending or descending way as well. By default, list of users is sorted according to userid. But from now onwards, default sorting and ordering control is in your hands. You can configure sort settings by which user will have by-default display of list sorted as per your choice.
Track these features and let us know how you find XIUS 2.7 ? Your feedbacks always motivate our team to bring something new in our products.
Read documents to know in detail.

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