Secure Your Joomla Administrator With Two Factor Authentication

Sign In Will Require Something-You-Know And Something-You-have.

If you aren't security conscious with your website then you should be. In the earlier years of the web with there was little scope for any designer to build a proper manner for visitors to interact the site they were viewing. The pages consisted of static content comprising of text and images that were served up in HTML. But those days are now gone. As the tools used to build websites have evolved, so have the security threats that modern day sites face.

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JoomlaXi Forms: A Small Step for Joomla and a Giant Leap for Forms!

Hello friends,

We feel very proud as well as happy to pronounce the arrival of JoomlaXi Forms to the Stable Channel for all the Joomla users. JoomlaXi Form 1.0.0 stable contains some really great improvements including a new Bucket Listing feature. You may also read about our earlier developments in the JoomlaXi Forms' Blog.

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PayPlans 1.0 Stable Released

Last week, PayPlans 1.0 Beta was released. Now after satisfactory testing, we are pretty much happy to publicly announce that PayPlans 1.0 has been marked stable. Packed with lots of major features and enhancements, PayPlans brings its compatibility with Joomla 1.6 also in this release. Various bug fixes have been done, including those were posted by our customers.

This release also provides you accessibility to play with colours  for PayPlans screens. We now just want to unravel all the new features and major enhancements of this release.
So here we go:-

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