Ready Bytes Welcomes Pin Payments as an Esteemed Partner

A payment gateway to offer more payment options to your customers through Ready Bytes’ eCommerce Solutions.

We are happy to announce the partnership between Pin Payments and Ready Bytes. Pin Payments is Australia’s new, all-in-one digital payment system. Pin Payments is now integrated with all eCommerce products of Ready Bytes viz. PayPlans (Membership Software) ,PayInvoice (Invoicing Software) and PayCart (Shopping Cart Software).

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Serve Your Global Customers Even Better with PayCart 1.0.6

PayCart is enhanced to increase customer satisfaction and simplify
business operations for you.

PayCart 1.0.6 is out and it is enriched with features to provide your online business global access and more customer-friendly. Besides allowing you to offer great shopping experience to your customers, it will also make your business operations easy. Below is the summary of enhanced features.

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Make Your Brand Speak Louder with Wegy

A Revolutionary Multipurpose Joomla Template

Not so long ago, TemplateMonster started releasing its new revolutionary Joomla templates that feature a wider array of advanced functionality, compared to the standard designs. The competition is very tough on the modern web. Each brand tries to stand out from the rest with something unique and appealing, a feature that no other project has ever implemented. If you are striving to find a similar option for your business, then try Wegy. This is a multipurpose Joomla template that was developed by TemplateMonster’s creative team of professionals.

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8 Most Important Cost Considerations Before Buying a Shopping Cart Software.

A $99 shopping cart may be cheaper than a free one. Can’t believe it? Discover it yourself

2 years back, I was planning to buy a new car. Based on my personal preferences of features and budget, I settled for a particular model of a popular brand. When I went to buy that, I found that the actual cost including the taxes, accessories, insurance, decor etc was exceeding my budget. The similar implicit costs are associated with a software product too.

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Team PayPlans - A Perfect Concoction for Success!

We share, we discuss, we plan, we execute..everything is a team effort.
And we are great collaborators.

PayPlans has turned 4. The team celebrated PayPlans anniversary with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. They dedicate this success of their beloved product to its awesome customers. On this wonderful occasion, we would like to tell you more about this supercool team.

Knowledgeable, clever, inquisitive, helpful, energetic, fun loving thats all describes PayPlans team. They never miss a chance to learn and explore the possibilities. Each team member is unique in their own way, yet they gel well to exceed the expectations from customers and the company.

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Just 2 Components to Sell Digital Products Online!

DropFiles from JoomUnited and PayPlans from Ready Bytes are All You Need.

Selling digital product online will require a solid membership component and file manager. Payplans from ReadyBytes and Dropfiles from JoomUnited are both famous extension to achieve that.

You’ll get a powerful membership tool with thousands of features to manage users and membership and a powerful files manager to add, edit, update, track your products downloads.

Our latest Dropfiles 2.1 version includes:

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PayPlans, The Most Loved Joomla Membership System is 4!

4 happening years, strong customer bonding, satisfied team and Happy Faces :)

PayPlans has completed 4 wonderful years of its journey and it has become even more powerful, more resourceful, more user-friendly and above all the most loved Joomla Membership System.

The success of PayPlans is shared with its Customers. It is our esteemed customers who helped us give a better shape to PayPlans through their encouragement, appreciation, constructive feedback and inputs through reviews, emails, surveys etc. It is a perfect moment to say *Thank You* to all our customers and recall few of their kind words that kept us going.

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Dream comes true by taking a U turn on our decision :)

Beautiful experience to make all our JS-Addons compatible with JomSocial 4.x series

When we came to know that some big changes are coming to JomSocial product with the announcement of JomSocial 4 series, we had decided to drop support of JS Addons developed by Ready Bytes with JomSocial 4. But based on the feedback from our valuable customers, we took a U turn on our earlier decision. Today, with great support provided by JomSocial Team, we have added compatibility with JomSocial 4 to all our JS-Addons. We are also planning to add new features to JS-Addons and very soon we will send a survey to our customers to take their inputs regarding this.

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5 More Essential PayPlans Admin Hacks

More the Merrier! :)

In Addition to our previous PayPlans admin hacks, we bring you another set of these useful tips and tricks. You can use those to quickly resolve day-to-day issues of your Joomla membership website or to perform admin tasks. These are sure to take some load off your shoulders :)

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