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Grow your online business with newly released PayCart Apps

Vivek Singh , 13 October, 2015

We, at Ready Bytes, believe in continuous improvement of our products and services. In line with that motive, we have further enhanced PayCart. It is not only an online business enabler but also a business booster. With the recent addition of some more powerful apps, marketing of your online store reaches higher level without much efforts from you.

Along with traffic booster apps for your online store, we have also added few more apps to let PayCart do more for you. Here is a quick summary of new apps in PayCart -

Boost traffic to your online store with these apps:-

  1. Boost Your Traffic 3x with Social Share - Want to implement best internet marketing practices? Use cool product headlines, attractive images and the best is to use Social Share plugin. This plugin allows your customers share the products with their friends on popular social networks. It will help you drive traffic to your eCommerce site. It will boost your traffic by 3X without slowing down your site.

    Easily customize the tweet that is populated when a visitor clicks the Twitter button (you can even add specific keywords and hashtags with respect to category or product level)

  2. <li><p><strong>Get King of Newsletter with AcyMailing</strong> - PayCart is glad to add one new name in its integration section - AcyMailing. Now you can organise and send professional looking newsletter using this email marketing integration. It will help you properly assign your customers into relevant categories as per your wish.</p>
        <p>You can assign multiple emails lists to respective categories as per needs. You can also use this plugin to automatically include your newly created users into an Auto-newsletter list.</p>
        <p>With this,  you can make your newsletters more effective with more relevant content. In short, you’ll get better conversion rate and get more attention.</p>
    <li><p><strong>Zoom Images</strong> - PayCart zoom image plugin allows you to add zoom effect to your various product images on your websites It works as simple hover effects where the hovered image will zoom in for usability purpose. Customer can get a clear and bigger picture of product by zooming image.</p>
    <p style="text-indent: 20px;">This feature is quite helpful for eCommerce sites to increase conversion rate and boost sell of products online. With a clearer view of chosen product, customers will be able to make a decision faster.</p>

That’s great! I would love to use PayCart »

Another Usability App for Your Shopping Cart :

  1. PDF - PDF plugin allows you to create content that a visitor can download via PDF. This plugin shows download button in orders and my account section from where user can easily download their order's invoice.

    With this plugin, you will be able to view the information in a great looking PDF file and the same can directly be emailed to user after an order is placed successfully.

    It's a very useful plugin that will help admin download complete or custom order invoices PDF with a single click.

Interesting! Which other Apps are there? »

New Payment Process and Plugins :-

  1. - This simple yet powerful plugin allows you to easily accept payments using All you need to do is simply add your login Id and transaction key in plugin parameters and you are ready to go. It allows merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through your Web site directly. You can also test payments by enabling Test Mode functionality.

    Isn't it an S3 integration - Save Time, Save Money, Sell More :) »

  2. <li><p><strong>BluePay</strong> - BluePay, a good payment processing industry for all type of business users B2B, B2G, Enterprise, small or medium sized in the United States and Canada, was recently integrated with Paycart. BluePay’s plugin allows merchants to process payments within the same interface that they’re accustomed to, saving both time and money.</p>
    <p class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><a href="" target="_blank">Cool, which other Payment Gateways are integrated? »</a></p>

We keep on adding more and more useful features in PayCart to make it more business-friendly as well as customer-friendly. If you would like to see any more features in our upcoming releases of PayCart, do drop us a comment or email us.

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