Getting started with SaaS subscription system

Build the best and user-friendly subscription system with understanding the pieces of the subscription system
SaaS companies sell their services using the subscription model. Subscriptions became the backbone of the company’s revenue streams. The subscription model is very important and profitable but the implementation of the subscription model is a complex process. So, here we’re trying to explain the pieces of the subscription system which would help you to build a user-friendly subscription system. Continue Reading »

Are you Migrating from PHPStorm to VSCode?

List of powerful VSCode extensions to boost your productivity
In my three and a half years of short development career, I mainly used PHPStorm IDE to build projects and I can say that I was quite satisfied with PHPStorm. Continue Reading »

ShopOut Chrome Extension for Amazon

Shop through a alternate dimension of product cost, The time you invest to earn the money.
  • Are you very fond of shopping?
  • Do you spend money blindly when shopping online?
  • Do you frequently purchase such items that are too costly to fit in your budget?

If your answer is positive or toss-up, then ShopOut, a new chrome extension is here to help you.
We are proud to share that the extension have already Shortlisted by Google Editors

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How to Setup Docker for Laravel

Dockerize your laravel application using laradock.
Changes are, and will continue to be, a necessary part of the development of any project. As an IT engineer or developer, Have you ever spent lots of time to setup your project after updating your system or dependencies or libraries contain within it ? In these cases switching between dependencies or projects can be very time consuming. To avoid these kind of problems we have some tools that can help us and docker is one of them. Continue Reading »

How to upgrade Existing React Native Apps to 64-Bit Variant

Upgrade your app to support 64-Bit Architecture
Recently Google has announced “ By August 1, 2019, all apps that use native code must provide a 64-bit version in order to publish an update” and if you are looking to upgrade your existing react-native app into 64-bit variant then you are in the right place. Here I’ll guide you how you can upgrade your app to 64-bit variant. So let's get into it. Continue Reading »

How to Serve Quasar App From Laravel

Let's Learn The Integration of Quasar With Laravel
Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern and based on Symfony.

The Quasar Framework is a node.js based collection of tools for developing and publishing a website; for building and optimising a progressive web-app; a way to make native apps for Linux, MacOS and Windows with Electron; and even a system for creating mobile apps for Android and iOS with Cordova

Sometimes it becomes quite complex to use Quasar app with Laravel. Developers face a lot of issues to serve quasar application from laravel app, because of laravel and quasar both are served independently at different port ( By default - Laravel port : 8000 and Quasar port : 8080), that’s why it prevents requests being made from one origin to another.

In this blog we are trying to explain step by step process to serve Quasar app using Laravel app.

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Introducing InstaResume

Build Resume Instantly with InstaResume
The resume is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters during the job hunting process. In the job search process, a well-written and well-designed resume is essential. Continue Reading »

How to Deploy a React Native IOS app on the App Store

Step by step process to deploy a react-native app on the App store
Sometimes it is quite confusing when we try to deploy the IOS app to the app store and for a beginner developer, it sounds complex so in this blog we are trying to explain all the step by step process to deploy a react native ios app to the app store. In all of these process, we are using a new react native app and deploying this app to the app store. So let’s get into it Continue Reading »

How to setup react-native-localization for react native app?

Hassle-free set up of react-native-localization in both Android and iOS
Recently we have worked on a react-native project in which we need to provide multilingual support in Android as well as iOS app. So we decided to use react-native-localization package in our app. This package is working fine with Android app but we have faced an issue in the iOS app build process. So let me explain how to setup react-native-localization package in both android and ios successfully. Continue Reading »

Introducing Sahabhagi

Manage Self Help Group Like-a-Pro
A new kind of banking is emerging from all parts of India. It’s Kind of a co-operative bank, but on a very small scale, and without being a certified bank. This is known as BC, BeeCee, Committee, Friends-Club, Kitty Club, Money-Club. Continue Reading »