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SafiMoney 2.0






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SafiMoney is the fastest and most immovable ecosystem that helps you resolve all your economic transactions.You can quietly and securely manage your money online.

With this ecosystem, you will be able to request money from your family, relatives and friends, and make articulate transfers to relatives standing in front of you.Technically, Safimoney is an extensive financial platform which consist 5 applications in itself-

Web Application for customer, partner (role as admin), admin and support. Mobile application in ios and android for customer, partner and business.A bunch of features this platform owns, which are-

Account management, money transfer, money management (budget planning and reporting), online payment, multi level marketing (recommendation, commission), business applications (billing, CRM, ticketing).

This platform provides quality which includes security, performance, and reliability. On another hand, multiple users can play multiple roles, i.e, user, partner, business, admin, etc.


We had faced immense challenges while working on this, few of those-

  1. To develop a financial platform was itself a challenging task but thanks to our past products ( payplans, payinvoice and paycart ) and the knowledge we got from there.
  2. We migrated from V1 to V2, migration was a challenge too.
  3. Managing some core features i.e, cash in, cash out and virtual money was a colossal challenge.


We pulled off many sorts of learning while working on this project. We learned to-

  1. Build architecture of such an enormous financial platform.
  2. We acquired enough learnings about a completely online payment system and payment gateway.