Smart Installer

Swati Goyal , 12 June, 2009

Problem: I am running a cool site with JomSocial 1.1.145 and JomSocial Profile Types 1.1.13. I simply upgrades to JomSocial 1.2.195 and get the latest JSPT 1.2 RC2, and install it without looking into the instruction/warnings attached with products. The condition become more worse when your site is live. and it is worst if you cannot go back to previous working solution.
JoomlaXi Solution : Our existing installer is smart enough to backup your existing files before patching them, and revers the backup when you uninstall. Even you data is protected in betweenuninstall and re-installation. This is a normal practice, whats new is : With the JSPT 1.2 Beta release in next 1-2 days, you will find our installer will take care of all the version related issues. It means from now on, you can pick our latest release and install it to whatever version you are running, if we are compatible, it will install. If we are not compatible, it will warn you, and will not install, So your current site will not be affected at all.
    Any queries ???
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