10 July, 2009

New Features in JSPT 1.3

With the release of JSPT 1.3, what you will get ???? here are little summary
  1. You will be able to control JomSocial Applications as per Profile Type, see here in detail.
  2. You will be able to use recaptcha during registration ( I will post a separate blog for details)
  3. You can add user to certain group automatically, when join ( as per their profiletypes, obviously)
  4. More control over registration
    1. You can select which Required field should not be presented during Registration, the CB feature which we all miss in JomSocial a lot.
    2. You can hide "Edit Profile Page" second page during Registration
    3. You can hide "Avatar Selection Page" third page during Registration
    4. You can disallow few username/email domain to be registered. It means tight grip over registration.
Few Screenshots 

Any Concern ? Queries ?
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