JS Import Export 3.2 Released!!

Anjan Dhar , 03 May, 2012

<span><a href="http://www.joomlaxi.com/products/paid-products/importexport-js-fields.html" target="_blank"><span>JomSocial Import Export</span></a> </span>has
reached an another milestone with the Stable Release. Yes, JS Import Export
3.2 Stable has been released after weeks of rigorous testing at developer's
end. On JoomlaXi's customers demand, The new version is come up with latest
<strong>compatibilities</strong>,  <strong>support</strong> more file
types as well as <strong>fixing</strong> of many more
Without wasting anymore time, Just checkout if these are the features you
are waiting for! Let's take a quick tour of what JS Import Export version
3.2 brings new to you.<br/></div>
#1 Support .zip Files
Till Now, JS Import Export only support .CSV file while importing and exporting contents. But, Some of our customers facing the issue when file size is very large or contains more than one lac users. For solving these kind of issue, Import Export added support to zip files. So that, You can import either CSV file or ZIP file. Exporting will be always stored in ZIP format.

#2 Compatibility with JomSocial 2.6
All JoomlaXi customers deadly want a supporting version of JomSocial Import Export with JomSocial 2.6. So, No need to wait now!!! All of you can enjoy JomSocial 2.6 with JS IMPEXP3.2.

#3 Other Improvements
With the new functionalities, Team JoomlaXi also work on the improvements in the code by doing bug fixes. We like to communicate about the issues which have been fixed.

  1. Searchable JS custom fields: Custom fields which are Imported through JS Import Export can not be searchable through JomSocial. But Now, the issue have been fixed.
  2.     <li>Importing Empty Column: If the first column were empty in any row
        in CSV file than it was creating issue while importing contents. But
        now, Issue have been solved.</li>
    Instead of these, there are many other fixes released in this version. So,
    <span><a href="http://www.joomlaxi.com/products/paid-products/importexport-js-fields.html" target="_blank"><span>Download</span></a></span> the latest version and
    give us the feedback.
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