01 April, 2012

Earn Points with Profile Completion !

In February 2012, Team JoomlaXi has added a new name Profile Visitor in their product list. We are happy to tell you that we are getting a good response from our customer regarding the product. In sequence of this motivation, Team JoomlaXi again originate a new plugin in March 2012 named as JSPC User Points. The plugin added an enthralling feature for Social Networking Websites.
JSPC User Points
JSPC User Points is a JomSocial user points addition. At every social networking site, Site Administrators wants to attract their site members by gaining extra points on completing there profile, adding some events, groups, friends and many more. This plugin makes this feature simple for you. By using this plugin, Site members can gain bonus points on completing xx% on their JomSocial Profile Completeness bar.

  1. Compatibility:  The plugin is compatible with both Joomla!1.5 and Joomla!2.5.
  2. Easy Settings: The plugin is just one click installation as well as settings of Bonus Points also require one click.
  3. Adding Points Once: The Plugin add the bonus points to site members once. There is no loss and no extra gain provided to users through this plugin. It mean, Whenever user reach to completion percentage then Bonus Points added in his/her profile. After that, If user remove some features and do something wrong to add more bonus points then it will be useless. The plugin will not add points anymore.
  4. Incredible Customization:  JSPC User Points plugin provides customization power for setting Completion Percentage for site members.

How it Works?
After knowing about the plugin and it's feature, I am definitely sure that you are excited to know about its working process. So, Here it is the steps to set the plugin.
  1. Download and install the plugin.
  2. Go to Plugin Manager >> JSPC User Points (The Community Plugin).
  3. Enable the plugin and set 'Enter Percentage' parameter. The value of parameter should be less than 100. This value shows the minimum percentage after exceeding this user is applicable for getting bonus.
  4. Go to JomSocial >> User Points, Scan the Rules. You will get the new rule as shown.
        <li>Edit new rule that is 'Add Bonus Points'. Set the user points
        (Bonus Point) which you want to give to site member as bonus.<br/><div>
                <a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-IU6elRYpPHE/UMGl3TuRdII/AAAAAAAAAD8/0Y8lLG8xSxc/s1600/bonussetiing.png" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img src="earn-points-with-profile-completion/bonussetiing.png"/></a>
        <li>Now, Everything is settled.</li>
    </ol><strong>Note:</strong> For the working of this exciting plugin, Please
    make sure that JomSocial Profile Completeness is installed at your end.<br/>
    Are you waiting for anything else?? No, Just download and test it now. We
    are waiting for your response. As Customers response and satisfaction is
    always the first priority for us.<br/><br/><div/>

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