ShopOut Chrome Extension


Convert Product Price into Your Earning Time




Self Project




E-commerce, Finance


Shop through an alternate dimension of product cost, The time you spend to earn the money. The ShopOut Chrome Extension is available for all the amazon websites worldwide.


This product was developed to keep the over-purchasing perspective in wits. ShopOut is a shopping detective which will help you shop smart.

Whenever you visit any shopping site and check out any product to purchase, it will let you know how much effort you put to earn the amount of the thing which is being purchased. This will keep spying on the cart amount too.

This contains a separate feature of the currency-converter-time-totalizer calculator, where the user can calculate the earning time of his expenses in any currency.

Users can get an accurate estimation after replacing the default wages setting with their actual one.


There were few challenges we dealt with-

  1. Developing an extension in Vuejs was an ultimatum to us.
  2. While developing the earning calculator, we faced compact but arduous technical issues.


We pulled off many sorts of learnings while developing this product. We learned to-

  1. Build chrome extensions in Vuejs (A Javascript framework).
  2. Inject Vuejs extensions’ functionality into HTML websites.
  3. Build algorithms to calculate earning time estimation in any currency.