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QuickRights was born from Movie Discovery and DocMovies, a VOD platform for the education sector and a production company. The two represent 23 years of experience. We combine the distribution know-how with the latest technology, both are things we do for years, daily. A discreet, efficient application for managing avails, agreements, and deliveries.

QuickRights believes in Humans First: Don’t let robots handle negotiations for you. Use the technology as your best assistant, not as your algorithmic manager. QuickRights is a hosted service and acts as SaaS (Software as a Service), offering a monthly plan without commitment, because as said – Everything is in your hands


  • Be in control: QuickRights allows film distributors and sales agents to retain total control over the details they expose to potential clients. Not everyone likes to have their avails open to the world.

  • Importing film data from IMDB:  New film-related platforms are popping up all the time. All of them require you to enter your movie details. That's exhausting. Distributors, producers, and filmmakers are asked to fill endless forms for any market, pitching event, and online platform. With film festivals, it has become a bit easier but is still a nuisance.