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Movies Everywhere is the new industry standard for virtual and hybrid cinematic events. It helps film festivals, film organizations, cinematheques, distributors, educational institutions, and independent filmmakers to create highly engaging, interactive online screening events.

Movies Everywhere’s main concept is that every screening is an 'event'. An event means that registration, Q&A, audience chat and live video from external sources are all taking place on one page. Movies Everywhere is an all-in-one solution, managed from your browser, from media management to audience tracking, monetization, rich interactive elements, and provision of support.

Movies Everywhere rewrite the film industry standards, by providing a secure, interactive, branded, and metered experience to its users, from the individual filmmaker to the large film organization.

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  • Conduct Q&A sessions inside the screening page: Avoid losing your audience in the process of changing platforms. With Movies Everywhere, the Q&A session will take place inside the screening page.

  • Branded platform and process: Movies Everywhere provides a true white label to all clients: From logo and colors to branded emails sent to users. Your identity is yours all across the board.

  • Send secure, tracked screeners to colleagues: Rough cut, work-in-progress, assembly, trailer, pilot, or audition are all-important video assets. Track viewership with our Smart Screener feature.

  • Powerful, self-managed dashboard: Control all aspects of your events and media, operate the interactive elements from within your browser as if it's a TV switcher, set ticket prices, create coupons and passes, manage users, track activity and much more.

  • Total control over the number of participants and their locations: When creating an Event, Movies Everywhere allows you to limit the number of possible viewers and their geographical location, to adhere to distribution constraints.

  • Your own private VOD: Movies Everywhere is not just for events! Create your own fully branded VOD at no cost and sell movies all year round. Don't get swallowed by large libraries: Keep your own identity.

  • Streaming in HD quality: ur system prepares video files in different qualities, serving the optimized file to each user and adapting to different network speeds.

  • Easy login process: With a one time password, a text message or our Magic Link feature. We made a huge effort to facilitate the login and authentication process, while maintaining film security.

  • Secure, encrypted streaming: All files uploaded to Movies Everywhere are encrypted for no extra charge. We are committed to protecting your most precious asset.

  • Add a pre roll video: No need to edit an introductory video to the main film. The pre-roll runs automatically and includes anything from your promo to a sponsor's video.