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Exchange Rate IQ is a search & comparison platform for International Money Transfer


Exchange Rate IQ





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Scope - 

ExchangeRateIQ helps you discover the best way to send money across the globe. It allows you to compare the money transfer companies and select the best value for your remittances hand-in-hand. Here you can select, choose and compare the exchange rates as well as fees of multiple companies by the real-time comparison facility.It helps to find the best rates to send money from over 50 transfer agents and banks worldwide. It’s database is updated regularly and daily so that it can provide the current exchange rates for the various money transfer services. ExchangeRateIQ is available as -

  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application - Android and IOS app
  • Browser Extensions - Chrome and Firefox

Challenges -

  • Understanding how remittance works
  • To write crawlers or integrate api to get data from more than 50 transfer agents and banks to compete with existing solutions
  • To manage and normalize exchange rates and fees data coming from various remittance companies regularly and display it to the end user efficiently.
  • To make an IOS application. It was our first attempt to make an IOS application.

Learning -

  • To write more reliable and effective crawlers to collect data from various remittance companies 
  • React-native apps - android/IOS