A mentor based learning environment.


A platform which is mainly for the teen students who are willing to research in their early education.


EdTech Company


Client Project







This platform consist mainly of six stages of research. All stages involve so many interesting, insightful, and imperative sub-processes inside it through which the user will pass during the research process.

As an example the user would be able to plan the research, explore the research using Mind Maps, Whiteboard, Deciding tools, etc., play questionnaires, learn through youtube content, explore and generate your own resources for the research, write your research paper, present the research, have a reflection of the research journey, and have real time meetings with your mentor anytime for discussions.

So many helpful tools like, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, Google Translate, Prioritization tool etc. are the fragments of this platform.


We pulled off many sorts of learnings while working on this project. Mainly we learned to-

  1. Integrate and tailor some third party libraries like- Agora, Mind Map, Whiteboard.
  2. Use third party APIs for the services like- Google translate, Youtube, Google cloud TTS and STT.
  3. Building some fun tools in Vuejs from scratch and converting them into libraries.
  4. Coordinate our development system with international client’s development mechanisms.


There were few challenges we dealt with-

  1. Convert the technology of external libraries in Vuejs and customise as per requirements by forking them.
  2. To provide collaborative (Real time) Whiteboard functionality by developing it using Firebase and Vuejs from scratch with some sort of restrictions.