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Our scraping tool helps community eCommerce website to serve the best prices to their customers.


Comuniti Scraper






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Innovative e-commerce tools that provide unparalleled conversion growth, increased sales & profitability and valuable consumer engagement through community empowerment.

We've created a customized scraping tool to serve the prices across the other platforms to Comuniti eCommerce Website.

For an efficient scraping tool, you will not only need to scrape the desired content but also need a system that reduces manual efforts, applies some intelligence, do continuous monitoring, and work with a proactive approach. We’ve built such a tool that has all the above features.


Comuniti Scraper has following features:

  • A full fledged administrative system to monitor the scraping.
  • Tracking of crawling Scripts to get status in the runtime.
  • Schedule the timing of Scraper.
  • Start the scraper whenever needed just with a single click.
  • Get the result of scraper wherever you want.
  • Enable or Disable the Scraper.
  • Export the History of the output.
  • Add / Import new web pages for your crawler.
  • Get over the time response of crawling scripts.

Challenges & Learning

  • To scrape the data in real time and serve it to another network.
  • To optimized the scraping sources to maintain the cost of the system was our biggest learning and challenge of this system.
  • We've configured both Laravel framework and Redis database to optimize the system.