We Solved Another Problem, This Time It Is For e-commerce CUSTOMERS!!!

Shyam Sundar Verma , 21 December, 2015

ReadyBytes Says

"We at Ready Bytes Software Labs use the latest technology to solve everyday human problems. Our team focuses on simplifying human interaction with state-of-art technological solution."

Matching to its vision, ReadyBytes Software Labs, has developed many revolutionary e-commerce products for online sellers. PayInvoice, PayPlans and PayCart are few products well known for their excellent quality and customer support services in Joomla world. Keeping up the good work, this time we have come up with a product to help online buyers.

As sales via online marketplaces are growing in India, buyers are generously providing feedback about the products they have purchased and used. Buyer’s reviews are gaining more popularity as pre-purchase research. There are lots of online stores and it is not feasible for one to go through all of them to study the reviews.

Evolution of ReadyViews »

To address this pain area of prospective buyer, we have come up with an idea. We named it “ReadyViews”. ReadyViews collects customer reviews for mobile phones from leading Indian online stores, analyzes them through artificial intelligence and provides easy to understand outcome. It provides a score to each product after analysis of reviews. Higher the score, better the phone. Other than a consolidated score for a phone, various features of the phones are also rated. Thus, it helps you find a mobile phone based on the features you desire. Analysis results are presented with very simple and attractive graphs. These graphical interpretations provide comfortable understanding to the prospective buyers. ReadyViews also lists the availability and price of a particular phone with leading Indian online retailers.

So, next time when you are planning to buy a new phone, you need not go through this painful research. ReadyViews will definitely save you time and money by helping you buy the best phone in best price.

This idea was appreciated in first India-US Start Up Konnect program organised by NASSCOM in Silicon Valley, California on 27th September 2015.

Features of ReadyViews :-

  • Customer reviews of various online stores are at one place.
  • Easy graphical interpretation of reviews.
  • Time and effort saving tools.
  • Unbiased analysis.
  • Provides availability and price of mobile phones on various online stores.
  • Share the rating of your mobile with friends through facebook.

As always, we will continuously improve this product with the help of your feedback and patronage. So, please let us know your feedback by leaving us comment below or writing to us at [email protected]

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