09 August, 2012

Upgrade to PayPlans 2.1.4

PayPlans 2.1.4  has been out !
Some substantial updations has been made to the stable PayPlans 2.1 release. Some routing, translation and few important bug fixes has been done and now you can enjoy the latest version of PayPlans 2.1.4. You can observe some important updates as follows :

1) Patch is added for utilizing unused balance after plan expiry. Due to a bug in Unlimited Recurring Subscription, there were some unutilized balance in users' wallet. So its has been fixed.
2) Routing issue of multi-lingual menus in Joomla 2.5 has been fixed.
3) Upgrade to params is added in previous order, so that Upgraded orders can be identified easily.
4) "Xitext" element is added in Payplans. It can be used in Subscription detail app and User detail app for Pattern Matching validation in Text Box.
5) Support for Kunena 2.0 is added in Kunena App.
6) From now onwards, Subscription Module will show the subscription in descending order of Creation date. Earlier, it was in ascending order.

For more details you can visit change logs .  

So in whole, few routing and translation issues has been fixed. Hence,  we recommend you to upgrade your version to PayPlans 2.1.4 .

For more updates, I can just share that upcoming news from PayPlans will be very happening and rocking for you as well for us. Since 3rd Anniversary of Ready Bytes Software Labs. is on August 11, 2012. No doubt, we will have celebration with lots of surprises for you. By the time, hold your heart....continue to love PayPlans....and I will be back soon to catch you with booming updates.

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