05 January, 2013

EasyBlog + EasyDiscuss + PayPlans Package = Save $34

Our company culture believes in celebrating, may be the joy of a satisfied user or writing a piece of quality code. We would be very glad to welcome you to the launch of a brand New Era of Subscribed Blogging to all our Open Source Joomla! family supporters.

Yes, Ready Bytes Software Labs and Stackideas have come together to commonly distribute our popular products at an instant saving of $ 34.

What is Subscribed Blogging ?

The brands we choose to invest-in, are the brands that say something about us; they represent our way of thinking and give us an opportunity to present our ideas and opinions in a very concise piece of a name, which can be as innocuous or provoking as the values they represent. Well I am not here to describe a brand value to you, What I want to suggest is that nowadays most of the awareness are created by the blogging sites or discussion forums. People love to be updated and for this www is the best source . Easy Blog and Easy discuss are the best Open Source tools available in Joomla World to serve you.

Now if you are into love with earning....

  1. By putting your knowledge to words over the Internet
  2. By allowing people to blog over your domain.
  3. By Sparking conversations of a certain topic. For example, Yahoo! Answers.

This is the ultimate bundle package which will allow you to keep blogging / discussions at your site. Without any foiling of your daily life. This Combine bundle strives to keep a transaction track for you. The revenues generated from your user’s subscriptions and individual postings as per your site requirements.

Or it can also be defined as...

The New Era of Subscribed Blogging!

Why Should I get this bundle ?

  1. Saves you with $34 and a penny saved is a penny earned.
  2. Triple branded product,
    • EasyBlog - an online blogging tool.
    • EasyDiscuss - versatile forum extension
    • PayPlans - an online subscription system to create plans and charge.
  3. Each of the components are totally compatible and integrated with each other.
  4. You get 17 Professional themes for your blogging site.
  5. Entitled to a12 months of limitless product updates as well as downloads.
  6. Best of all, the blogs/discussions are a valuable source of content that search engines love, skyrocketing your SEO.
  7. Awesome fast support from the besties of Joomla World !

What is this special offer exactly ?

This bundle purchaseconsists of the three components EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and PayPlans which if purchased through the button at the end of this blog will entitle you to a new reduced combo pack price of$223, which in case of separate purchases will cost you a sum of $257.

So, Skip the hassle of separate purchases today and save your precious time and money.

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