Serve Your Global Customers Even Better with PayCart 1.0.6

PayCart is enhanced to increase customer satisfaction and simplify
business operations for you.

Garima Agal , 09 June, 2015

PayCart 1.0.6 is out and it is enriched with features to provide your online business global access and more customer-friendly. Besides allowing you to offer great shopping experience to your customers, it will also make your business operations easy. Below is the summary of enhanced features.

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Go Global with Newly Released Payment Gateways :-

  1. Pin Payment Gateway - No more hassle to create a merchant account, use Pin payment gateway to simply pay by just using Credit Card. Pin Payment Gateway is the Australia’s new, all-in-one payment system which processes credit card in easy way .

    It processes secure payments and makes your shop trustworthy.

    Get easy money using Pin, Accept credit and debit cards, face-to-face or across the world.

    In Short - Go Global.

  2. <li>
            <strong>CCAvenue Payment Gateway</strong> - CCAvenue is one of the
            most popular payment gateways across Indian eCommerce industry. It
            offers eMerchants with real time, multi-currency, multiple payment
            options online payment processing services.
        <p>This integration provides one stop solution for the processing
            of eCommerce transactions that include credit card transactions,
            debit transactions from the respective bank accounts or internet

Get Accurate Shipping Rates with New USPS Shipping Rule :-

USPS Shipping Rule - One of the most important section of eCommerce industry is shipping and fulfillment which plays around Free Shipping, Flat rate shipping or Accurate Shipping rates. As it is complicated, it’s confusing, and many of you have to rely on third-party apps to get it done.

To help simplify shipping process, we’ve integrated with USPS to offer a real time RateV4 API quotes to get accurate shipping rates. As of now, PayCart USPS integration app only support U.S domestic market for shipment.

Now you can offer affordable shipping rates to eCommerce shopkeepers inside United States.

  1. Option to add different Postal codes for sending your parcel from different warehouses.
    different postal codes
    Different Postal Codes
  2. Calculate real time shipping on basis of either per item or per package.
    Shipment on item or package level
    Shipment on Item or Package Level

New Group Rule Apps :-

  1. Product Level Group Rule - We have introduced a product level rule where you can apply special offering and conditions to specific products . This will save your time and energy and help you serve your customers better.
  2. <li><strong>Group Rule on Basis of PayPlans</strong> - Sellers are typically more
        motivated to make a sale to a member rather than to a one time
        customer.<br/> You can use PayPlans integrated group rule in your
        shopping cart to offer price based on plan. This will standardize your
        offering and make it better.

Core Enhancements in PayCart :-

  1. ‘Shipment Failed’ Notification - Customers who have ordered from your cart will receive shipment notifications for everything what goes well, but not if shipment fails. To notify your customers about such cases, we have added alert when shipment fails.
  2. <li><strong>Separate Transaction Screen</strong> - PayCart has
        added a separate transaction screen. This screen supports all
        financial transactions which make transaction screen simple.. One can
        also view transactions inside cart, along with this separate screen
        <figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img class="img-polaroid" src="serve-your-global-customers-even-better-with-paycart-1-0-6/transactions.png" alt="transaction screen"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Transaction Screen</figcaption></figure></li>
    <li><strong>Shipment Tracking Note</strong> - This section is used
        by admin to show shipment tracking notes to users. User can see all
        shipping memos on basis of different shipping status which were
        manually entered by seller.
        <figure class="text-center jpp-margin-b30"><img class="img-polaroid" src="serve-your-global-customers-even-better-with-paycart-1-0-6/track-record.png" alt="shipment tracking note"/><figcaption class="img-caption">Shipment Tracking Note</figcaption></figure></li>
    <li><p><strong>Logical ‘AND’ ‘OR’ Operations in Group Rule </strong>- New
            Logical operator (AND / OR) conditions have been introduced in all
            group rules to provide Stronger Performance, Flexibility and
            Operational Availability while creating multiple conditions inside
            rule. So, no need to create 2 separate rules; you can build more
            useful rules with AND / OR.</p>
        <p>You can use these operators to create rules, e.g. -</p>
        <ol><li>Free shipping - If total price of cart is more than 2000
                bucks (AND) customer belongs to India.</li>
            <li>Free shipping - Either customer belongs to India (OR) the
                price total is more than 2000 bucks.</li>

Tickets Fixed Summary - PayCart 1.0.6 has come up with lots of new features along with multiple new payment gateways and shipping rules. This cycle has been achieved after fixing more than 50 tickets to provide you a live installable product.

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