Secrets of successful business with Rbsl 5th Anniversary

Shyam Sundar Verma , 11 August, 2014

On August 11, 2009 we build a company to respect human values and commitments. We start with just one aim ie solve human problems and make people life easier. Our journey began as a 3rd party developer in social domain with product Jspt and then within 5 years of span we become experts in social and ecommerce domains.

From the start of our company journey we always asked our-self - Why we Exist ?

  1. Always Challenge the Old Ways - Move on with latest technology and new things, always challenge for old ways.
  2. Experiment - Fail- Learn - Repeat - Don’t hesitate from failure. The biggest failure is to not take risk. Go ahead and do experiment and if you fail then learn and repeat.
  3. Innovate or die - Innovation lead you towards success and makes you unique and if you innovate you become leader.

Through this tenure we learn some successful business tips and would like to share them :-

  1. Always deliver more than expected - Makes your customer feel happy by delivering more than what they expected.
  2. Sales may Go up and Down but service stays forever - Do your best in which you have control. Don’t bother about Sales and give best service to your customers as this stays forever which automatically increase your sales.
  3. Quality is the best business plan - Marketing is most essential thing to boost your business and here is the key secret of success - "Provide Quality product".

Thank you note to customers

Customer is king and this is the only truth of a successful business. We get in touch with some customers and we feel that our customers are happy for our successful completion of 5 years and they expect the same or improved quality service in future. We are very thankful to all our loyal customers who help us to build our business and achieve this milestone. Special significance for the customer who frame trust in us and are with us from the beginning of company.

Our success is incomplete without the feedback of our customers :-

  1. Ben words about Rbsl -

  2. Yoram review about Rbsl -

  3. Müslüm Sinci - Happy 5th anniversary To Rbsl Team "I congrats and present my lots of thanks to Shyam, Manish and Complete Rbsl Team for making such wonderful product and make our life smooth".

  4. Lionel Charpenay - “I would like to tell you how we are satisfied about your company in terms of: Quality of your products we mainly use payplan, Jspt, jpc, xius, almost all your products ! Support, we've got always a solution from your support team so go on We wish you all the best for Rbsl”

Thank you note to employees & Ex employees

We are extremely lucky to have some lovely people who are working for us. Through the years, they were responsible for the technology and quality we have provided and success we have achieved. So its all our employees and ex employees who were involved in establishing the company and who are creating the future of our company. It is all we who makes this happen.

readybytes 5th anniversary celebration with whole team
Team ReadyBytes On 5th Anniversary Celebration

Feeling about Rbsl from our Company pillars :-

  1. Keshav experience at Rbsl-
  2. Swati Goyal words express her feeling about Rbsl

    "Ready Bytes is a great place to work which offers flexibility and transparency at all levels. Best part is Ready Bytes encourages learning, initiatives and development for all employees and welcomes innovative ideas. Quality of people here is very good in terms of their involvement in products and technical knowledge".

Discount on 5th anniversary.

Its our privilege to announce our 5th Anniversary with so much love and trust. And we want to celebrate this auspicious day with all our customers with a theme discount. Discount will play with our 5 no of theme and you will get 25% discounts (5 days * 5 % / day) on all of our products. This discount starts from 11th August to 16th August 2014 for all new customers.

Use 25 % Discount Code for all products :- “5success”

You can view the history and life of Rbsl at : -