Ready Bytes Welcomes Pin Payments as an Esteemed Partner

A payment gateway to offer more payment options to your customers through Ready Bytes’ eCommerce Solutions.

Shyam Sundar Verma , 15 June, 2015

We are happy to announce the partnership between Pin Payments and Ready Bytes. Pin Payments is Australia’s new, all-in-one digital payment system. Pin Payments is now integrated with all eCommerce products of Ready Bytes viz. PayPlans (Membership Software) ,PayInvoice (Invoicing Software) and PayCart (Shopping Cart Software).

What we liked the most about Pin Payments -

No Merchant Account Required

You can use Pin Payments as a credit card processor without troubling need of having a merchant account. It has been proved to be of immense help to the merchants all over in conducting hassle free money transfers.


Pin Payments is a time saving payment gateway as it accepts credit card without creating merchant account, so it is quite fast.


The payment options are very flexible where you can use any cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc.


Pin Payments is growing as a very important eCommerce system in Australia and outer world since it has been launched due to its efficiency, expertise and easiness.

Easy Registration

You simply need to log in to their website and register yourself. It is easy and user friendly.

Good Support

The customer care service always seems to be good to resolve when any problem arises.

Simple Pricing

Pin Payments pricing is simple, and includes everything you need to take payments in websites, mobile apps, and in-person. Successful transactions are charged at 2.6% + 30c, with:

  • No hidden interchange fees
  • No minimum balance or security deposits required
  • AUD, USD, NZD, SGD, EUR, GBP, CAD, HKD and JPY transactions included as standard
  • Free automated fraud detection on every transaction

Easy Integration

Integration with Pin Payments have pretty easy settings - Just Set Publishable Key and shareable key. And start to capture the charge.

You can set different environment as per your needs-

a). Production " if you are using Payment Gateway Production / Live Account

b). Sandbox " if you are using Payment Gateway Sandbox / Test Account