PayPlans Acquired by StackIdeas

PayPlans development will continue in the safe hands of StackIdeas

Shyam Sundar Verma , 05 September, 2017

Hello Friends,

I’m writing to let you know that our beloved product PayPlans has been acquired by Team StackIdeas.

I’m extremely grateful for all the enthusiasm and feedback from all of you and the Joomla community over the last several years. The journey was awesome and we learned and enjoyed by serving more than 50,000 customers. Indeed I was a Joomla entrepreneur and I was loving it !

Our beloved product PayPlans have won hearts of hundreds of customers. Since several months we have been actively involved in new experiments & challenges which do not mix well with CMS playground. I feel this is right time for Ready Bytes to move on to new challenges.

ReadyBytes & StackIdeas collaboration goes back to the early days of Joomla development. The result was a mutual improvement of products in both companies. With this acquisition, StackIdeas products will be enriched with eCommerce opportunities.

PayPlans development will continue in the safe hands of StackIdeas, their team is seasoned Joomla developers and StackIdeas are here to stay. StackIdeas, and team have assured me for continuous and progressive development for PayPlans.

I know changes like these can be inconvenient, and I want to help making the transition as smooth as possible.


  • From September, 2017, PayPlans will be supported, developed and maintained by StackIdeas
  • Existing Active Subscriptions:
    1. Now onwards you need to use StackIdeas forum for support needs
    2. Your active purchase will remain valid. However you need to claim it.
    3. To claim your subscription on this LINK, submit your Email-Id and your purchases will be automatically detected and credited to your account at stackideas.
  • Expired Subscription: You can utilize this opportunity to renew your subscription.
  • For more details & question refer this LINK.

Ready Bytes team for future working in :

Hope to cross the path again, soon.

Thank You,


Lead Developer

Ready Bytes Software Labs

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