03 August, 2013

Quarter 2: Roadmap

The Company Roadmap for July - September 2013

Since our last RoadMap for the Quarter 1 we are back with an outlook for our next Quarter. As we started developing the User Interface and Performance in our products we will mainly devote this quarter too for UI and UX upliftment.

What is new in this Quarter with PayPlans?

PayPlans 3 beta was launched in the last Quarter and with its advent we knocked on the responsive side of PayPlans and even shared our insight on creating the mobile friendliness.

Download Beta 3.0     PayPlans' Change Logs

The tentative date of stable release of PayPlans 3.0 is 14th of August 2013. Just a day before the Indian Independence Day.

In this Quarter PayPlans will strive to become the fastest component on your website and we are taking measures to ensure it -

  1. Reduce PayPlans' load time -
    The complete code of PayPlans will be under strict review. Any code written and unwanted will be removed, queries not required will be also removed and much more. In fact we will be sharing the performance statistics with you once we have achieved the feat.

  2. Backend screens will be more informative -
    The Grid screens or the backend screens will be made intuitive. The general idea is to make the backend more informative in the least amount of clicks. Which means that to gain a certain information, a user will not be needed to click through all the links it will be made available in a smart way at user's tips. It will result in time saving in your working and managing subscriptions with PayPlans, even at lesser internet connection.

  3. Installation flow improvement -
    To install PayPlans, one just needs to upload the kit in the backend and press install. Rest everything is taken care by PayPlans, but still we feel that the automatic installation process can further be improved. Many steps shown during the automatic installation can be avoided to further achieve performance and make the product efficient enough for you.

Apart from these points Team PayPlans will also develop Apps and integrations as per the Ideas posted in our IdeaScale.

Our other Product-


Recently we launched a native invoicing component for Joomla websites namely PayInvoice. It's basic version is free to use and it is a component used particularly to send Invoices to your clients.

Multiple Unit Test Cases have been written as well as executed on the Community product to make it easy going and trouble free at the same time.

Proposed development in this Quarter- (Aug - Sep)

  1. Exporting invoices in Multiple formats-
    PayInvoice will be enabled to export the created invoices in .CSV format too for easy accounting as well as offline editing. Earlier only .PDF format export was supported.

  2. New Payment Gateways -
    Currently PayInvoice supports 6 Payment Gateways.

Existing Apps & Payment Gateways

In this quarter new payment gateways like CCBill, MoneyBookers, Payza and Offline payment gateway will be made available.

Our Future Product "PayCart" An Introduction

Friends, let me introduce you to our upcoming product "PAYCART". It will be launched by the end of this year.

Without taking much of your time I would like to conclude by saying that PayCart will be a solution for a Shopping Cart system in Joomla and we are developing it with a perspective that even a novice user can enter into E-Commerce world and start an online business to sell their products.

A google group is also maintained for PayCart where we discuss with the community, their needs and requirements and put them into action.

Join PayCart's Google group

Thank You and Have a Nice Time Ahead.

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